Criminal Minds: Evolution renewed for a new season by Paramount+

Fact: 15 years on the air is not for everyone. Among the few series that achieved this feat, is Criminal Minds, shown by the North American channel CBS during 15 long seasons. Created by Jeff Davis, the work followed the complex cases of the FBI’s behavior analysis unit, which tried to predict how and where the most dangerous killers in the United States could act.

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The investigative production was so successful that, even after its completion, in 2020, it gained new life through streaming Paramount +, with the title Criminal Minds: Evolution, which continues the long-running plot. Launched in November 2022, the continuation barely premiered and has already received great news: it is renewed for a 2nd season (or a 17th season, if we consider that the series is a sequel).

The Criminal Minds saga will continue firmly on Paramount+ with the series being renewed for another season.Source: Paramount+

According to the TV Insider website, production of the new batch of chapters should begin in 2023. The good news comes amid the airing of the first part of the series, which will air its season finale on February 9, a Thursday , on Paramount+. Currently, the work is one of the top five on the streaming platform.

“We are thrilled to bring even crazier plotlines to our loyal Criminal Minds: Evolution fans with the confirmation of a new season,” Tanya Giles, Head of Programming at Paramount+, said in a statement.

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She continued, “The series has always performed well on Paramount+ and fans have quickly embraced this new season with more serialized elements. There are still plenty of dark twists to come our way for the BAU this season and we can’t wait for fans to see what happens next.” we booked”, concluded the executive.

The cast of Criminal Minds: Evolution brought several names from previous seasons, such as Joe Mantegna (David Rossi), AJ Cook (Jennifer “JJ” Jareau), Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia), Aisha Tyler (Dr. Tara Lewis), Adam Rodriguez (Luke Alvez) and Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss).

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