Criminal Minds: Evolution gets release date and schedule; Look!

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The series Criminal Minds: Evolution, a reboot of the original series, finally got an official premiere date and schedule. The first two episodes will be released on November 24 on Paramount+. Then, later on, weekly episodes hit the catalogue, with a break scheduled for December 15th.

The hiatus is called the “midseason finale” and is a common practice on American television series. Production resumes on January 12, on the same weekly episode schedule, until the season finale airs on February 9.

So, it’s not long before we find out what the reboot will be like!

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In a panel of the series promoted by Paramount +, Erica Messer, showrunner of the series, revealed that the idea of ​​​​the reboot came after she spent the pandemic watching true crime productions.

“I started to ask myself: what are serial killers doing now? Are they using this time to study the classics?”, he commented. From there, she started working on a series that would show what the routine of serial killers would be like who used the pandemic to communicate with each other.

Unlike the original series, the reboot was primarily produced for streaming, bringing new challenges to the team. For example, the violence portrayed will be much less, although the language, full of profanity, will remain the same.

(Source: Paramount/Disclosure)(Source: Paramount/Disclosure)Source: Paramount

“Some people might find that inappropriate, but I think it’s more than natural for an environment like this, and the pressure the characters are under all the time,” added Masser.

Premiering on November 24th, Criminal Minds: Evolution will have its episodes released weekly, always on Thursdays. The cast includes Joe Mantegna, Aisha Tyler, Kirsten Vangsness, AJ Cook and Adam Rodriguez.

Keep an eye out to find out more!