‘Creed IV’ underway, with Michael B. Jordan returning to direct

In March of this year Creed III prevailed over any possible controversy, and after a dazzling opening weekend with $58 million raised It showed that the franchise was at its best. It didn’t matter that it was the first installment of the saga without having Sylvester Stallone playing Rocky would have given rise to some somewhat dark events (the aforementioned Stallone exploding against the producers saying that they had stolen the saga), and that shortly after the premiere Jonathan Majorsrival of the protagonist in Creed III, was arrested for assaulting his ex-partner. The film was a success.

So at some point it was going to have an extension. Part of Stallone’s anger apparently came from the producer’s desire Irwin Winkler to convert Rocky in a franchise that extended to film and television with several spin-offsstarting with a series (dragon tree) about the son of Balboa’s historic rival. MGM and Amazontoday already combined in Amazon MGM Studios After the sale of the first, they want to capitalize on the saga in a big way, so Winkler has already been able to confirm that we will have Creed IV. And that, furthermore, he will once again have Michael B. Jordan directing after his successful debut behind the camera in the third.

Jordan, of course, is the interpreter of Adonis Creed son of another old rival of Rocky, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). debuted in Creed: The Legend of Rocky in 2015, under the orders of Ryan Coogler and having Rocky as a mentor, in a reboot who has breathed life into the saga for three films. Now totally distanced from Rocky, Creed IV will continue to investigate the career of this boxer, happily paired with Tessa Thompsonand possibly without having Jonathan Majors around again.

This is how Winkler spoke of his plans: “We are planning to do Creed IV and we believe we have a really good story”. The producer reveals that plans to make the sequel were delayed due to the strike, “as everyone”, “probably within a year we will go to pre-production.” And, most likely, without Stallone involved.

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