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Creed 4 and even boxing anime: Here’s what to expect from the ‘Creedverse’

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Creed III hit theaters in early March and immediately became a worldwide phenomenon. The film stars, is produced and directed by Michael B. Jordan, one of the fastest growing actors in Hollywood in recent years.

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Opening weekend only Creed III grossed over $100 million, proving that the story truly captivated audiences. Due to the success, Jordan has already shown interest in making “Creedverse” expand more and more. Currently, even an anime version has already been mentioned, still without further production details.

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Check out more details about the Creedverse and what to expect from the future of the franchise below.

Anime in the Creed universe: what to expect?

(Source: Warner/Disclosure)Source: Warner

Information about the future is still uncertain, but speculation has grown stronger due to the success of Creed III. According to deadlinenegotiations are mainly being done with Amazon and MGM.

Regarding the story that would be portrayed in the anime, in fact, there is no information released, only that there are conversations going on for the work to get off the ground. As it is a very action-based universe with characters full of personality, a good anime could contribute to reaching a different, younger audience for the Creedverse.

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One possibility cited is that the animation will focus on the initial star, Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone. That’s because the idea has been circulating in the media for a while, including the rumor of being a series that would bring Stallone himself back to the franchise, but an anime could also be a viable possibility for producers.

Also, when talking about the Creedverse, who could also gain more depth in the future is Amara, daughter of Adonis Creed. The character, played by Mila Davis-Kent, won over audiences and has the potential to become even more popular, as Creed III made it very evident.

(Source: Warner/Disclosure)(Source: Warner/Disclosure)Source: Warner

Speculations about the Creedverse are still diverse and none have been confirmed or denied. For Michael B. Jordan, the possibility of expanding the story is exciting and he seems to want to continue at the forefront of the project, as his initiatives have been very successful – leading to the overwhelming success of Creed III in theaters.

Will Creed IV happen?

While many speculations circulate about the future storylines of the film’s characters, one thing is certain: the Creed VI movie is possibly going to happen. In an interview with IGN, Michael B. Jordan guaranteed interest in releasing the feature film.

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So far, no studio has announced production of the next film set in the Rocky universe. However, with the box office success of Creed 3 and Jordan’s willingness to expand the franchise, it’s only a matter of time before a sequel is officially announced.

As for the story, the end of Creed 3 already leaves room for an extension of the narrative in an upcoming film. After all, as stated above, the feature film ends up leaving in the air that the relationship between Donnie and Amara may be one of the concepts addressed in the future of the franchise.

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