Creed 3: Posters Show Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors; Look!

Actor Michael B. Jordan took advantage of his Twitter account to publicize the new promotional posters for Creed IIIa film in which he will star alongside actor Jonathan Majors, known for Loki.


In addition to the look of the characters, the images also confirm the release date of the feature, which will hit theaters on March 3, 2023. Originally, the film would be released on November 23, 2022. However, delays due to the pandemic in 2021 impacted the pace of production and the premiere of the feature had to be postponed.

Check out the posters below:

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The new film brings Michael B. Jordan back to his role as Apollo Creed’s son Adonis. This time, he won’t be mentored by Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) and, as the poster says, he won’t be able to escape his past that comes back to haunt him.

The film is a spin-off of the franchise. Rocky Balboa, starring Stallone, and places the ring as the setting for an electrifying and action-packed story. In the 3rd movie of the saga, Adonis Creed needs to continue his family legacy.


On the other hand, Jonathan Majors will be Anderson Dame, the antagonist of the plot. As the posters connect, it is possible to conclude that the story of the two characters is connected.

In addition to playing Adonis, Michael B. Jordan will also direct the production. The cast also includes Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad. News about the cast and the next steps of the production should be released soon, so keep an eye out for all the information about the film!

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