CP Meeting Notes: This Android app is a must-have for schoolchildren and students

Has the university started again or do you have to go to face-to-face classes again? Then TechMarkup has an app ready for you with which you no longer have to take notes. Because CP Meeting Notes App is a powerful dictation device for Android smartphones, for which you would otherwise have to pay 2.99 euros. We introduce you to the app in a nutshell!

  • The promotion is valid until Sunday (October 10th)
  • App has a rating of 4.3 stars and 143 reviews
  • Contains no ads or in-app purchases


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CP Meeting Notes App has been suggested on our lists of free apps for a limited time. But the range of functions and the quality are worth an additional recommendation. During student days (if there had already been smartphones back then …) the download would have been really useful, for example, to record lessons, interviews, or meetings.

Is it worth downloading CP Meeting Notes?

If you have to get important information from long conversations at university or at work, CP Meeting Notes offers an ingenious trick! Because after the installation and the start of a recording you will see three buttons with time-units on the display. You can use this to save the last 10, 30, or 300 seconds separately. If an important sentence or an essential piece of information was dropped, it will not be lost in an audio file that lasts for hours.

CP meeting
Excerpts of the conversation can be highlighted and exported in isolation / © NextPit

If the bright surface bothers you in the dark lecture hall, you can activate a night mode. This switches off the screen completely and records the last segment of the conversation according to the number of touches recorded on the display – 10, 30, or 300 seconds for 1, 2, and 3 touches. And of course, CP Meeting Notes offers the possibility to save the complete recording on your mobile phone.


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To use CP Meeting Notes you only need permission to access the memory and microphone of your mobile phone device. It also does not contain advertising or in-app purchases. The only flaw I could find while trying it out was that the sharing option crashed the app.

Is it safe to download?

In the privacy policy, the developer Stefano Bottelli (Cosmic Pie) declares that the program does not collect any personal data or location data. Registration is also not required. However, non-personal data in connection with your users can be recorded – also through the Google Analytics tool.

The Exodus privacy platform also identified a tracker in the app’s code that relates to the Google Analytics tool mentioned in the privacy policy. Access permissions include microphone access, read and write permissions, Internet access, and the ability to prevent the device from sleeping.

How do you like our free download for Android today? Let us know in the comments and feel free to post your own suggestions for free applications.

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