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Cosplay at revelry: see 7 inspirations for you to rock at carnival

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With the proximity of carnival, several people are already preparing for one of the biggest parties of the year. Undoubtedly, at this time, there are several options to enjoy the long holiday, which begins on Friday night, for many, and ends only on the morning of Ash Wednesday.

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Between traveling somewhere relaxing or going out on the street, it is worth noting that in some cities there are hectic programs planned, including blocks with lots of music, electric trios with renowned artists, parades of samba schools, among other activities.

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But do you already have a costume in mind for every day of revelry? Below we have selected some inspiring cosplays, which will bring outlandish ideas so you can stand out at this year’s carnival. Check out!

7. Mario & Luigi (super Mario)

(Egi Santana/Reproduction)Source: Egi Santana

The first suggestion on the list comes directly from the popular game franchise Super Mario Bros., whose initial release took place in September 1985 by Nintendo. Since then, it has been possible to see the main characters on different adventures, including kart races and facing little alien monsters.

Therefore, it’s very simple to compose the looks of Mario and Luigi, considering that its colors are very well defined. While the most famous plumber in the gaming world has red and blue clothes, Luigi uses green to stand out.

6. Harlequin (Suicide squad)

(Dream Kitty/Playback)(Dream Kitty/Playback)Source: Dream Kitty

The second character on the list is Harley Quinn, from DC comics, better known in Brazil as Arlequina. Member of the famous Suicide Squad and companion of the Joker, she has stood out in recent years in some DC movies and series, especially Birds of prey (2020), with Margot Robbie.

Despite being quite controversial, since it is an anti-heroine, Harley Quinn also has a simpler look to be composed by anyone. In addition, your makeup is an important element, which can serve as an inspiration for many revelers.

5. Poison Ivy (batman)

(Peu Pundik/Playback)(Peu Pundik/Playback)Source: Peu Pundik

Another striking figure in DC comics is Poison Ivy (Poison Ivy, in the original), mainly known for being one of Batman’s enemies. Although it has a monochrome style in terms of visual composition, there is an interesting diversity of shapes and textures to be worked on in a carnival costume.

Along with this, the character has already been seen with some costume variations in her trajectory, which can be an attraction for those looking for some variety in the same figure.

4. Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

(Getty Images/Playback)(Getty Images/Playback)Source: Getty Images

In Adventure Time, Finn and Jake get involved in several confusions while exploring the Land of Ooo, in a post-apocalyptic future. In the midst of these adventures, the pair meet many fantastical creatures and even royalty like Princess Bubblegum. This is a good costume tip for anyone who is also aiming for lightness and simplicity for Carnival.

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Even, as per the illustration of the cosplayer above, it is visible that there is the possibility of bringing variations to the character, making her main elements, hair and crown, more evident.

3. PacMan (Pac Man)

(Unblushing/Playback)(Unblushing/Playback)Source: Unblushing

In 1980, Namco promoted the launch of a platform game that stirred the popular imagination of that time. Pac Man featured the titular character, a yellow being that opens its mouth to eat the balls of the maze in which it is insertedand some colorful ghosts.

For this reason, betting on some element of the game franchise can be a fun costume idea for carnival. Along with this issue, it is a very good costume to do in pairs or with your great love.

2. Wally (Where’s wally?)

(Emerson Alionis/Reproduction)(Emerson Alionis/Reproduction)Source: Emerson Alionis

Created by British illustrator Martin Handford, it can be argued that Wally is a rather mysterious character, as he is always hidden by the crowd. As we well know, the street carnival is full of people and getting lost among them all ends up being desperate.

Imagine now that you are going to enjoy the party with a simple costume that has everything to do with this theme. Great, isn’t it? Therefore, our penultimate recommendation is to dress like Wally, as all you need is a striped shirt and a cap to compose your main outfit.

1. Samara (The call)

(UX Matt/Playback)(UX Matt/Playback)Source: UX Matt

Finally, we know that carnival is a very lively and fun party. However, although Halloween is still a little way off, how about recycling a costume from that time to have fun scaring the other revelers?

In this sense, an interesting idea is to dress like Samara, from The call (or Sadako, from Ringu). To carry it out, all you need to do is have a white dress, get it dirty in every possible way, apply makeup, do a flowing hairstyle and even use dark paint to compose the look of the lower and upper limbs.

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