Cortana will end support on Windows

Microsoft has already decreed the end of support for the Cortana service in the Windows operating system, with users being able to migrate to the use of Bing Chat and other artificial intelligence tools that they are investing in. The document, released by the corporation itself, reveals that from August 2023 we will not see new updates or any improvement in one of its main AI – even before it becomes a fever.

Among the new services that the company is implementing is Microsoft 365 Copilot. This promises to shake up structures even more, integrating artificial intelligence to programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and several others in the package to revolutionize their use within the domestic and business market. It was revealed alongside Windows Copilot during Build 2023 and both are already being tested by insiders.

It was a long road to the end of one of the operating system’s biggest partners. Cortana was initially disabled on Android and iOS smartphone apps in 2021, so now Microsoft has decided to end its support for good. It was not revealed if, in the next versions of Windows, it will really be left out or if the strategic exit served only to give a general revision in its model and to improve it.

Cortana is already an old friend of gamers

It is worth noting that Cortana was initially just a character from the Halo franchise on Xbox. She first appeared in the first title of the saga, in 2001, as the artificial intelligence that appears via hologram and accompanies the Master Chief on his journey. Since then it has been present in other games, with an even greater role as technology evolved. In Halo 5: Guardians, for example, she is the great threat to be confronted.

However, this is not the only representation of the character in the geek industry. In the series Halo, produced by Paramount +, the character also appears and is played by actress Natascha McElhone. Her return for the second season has already been confirmed, which still does not have a scheduled date.

Source: Android Authority

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