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Corona warning app now brings you data-saving through Luca check-ins

Corona warning app

If you don’t trust the providers of the Luca app after all the negative reports, you no longer have to choose the slip alternative when checking in at events or locations. Because the Corona warning app can now also be used here.

Due to the numerous security problems, many users are likely to have refrained from installing the Luca app on their end devices. However, the reports about the difficulties with the system often do not reach the operators of restaurants, clubs, and the like, so that one comes across the Luca QR codes again and again at the entrance and the only alternative is paper and pen available. A reproach can hardly be made here because those responsible in the countries were not ready to admit that they simply fell for clever marketing and invested millions of euros without careful examination. So Luca continues to act as the official way to track contacts.

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Corona warning app: Users are informed about refreshments via push

However, the official Corona warning app has long since offered the option to check in at a wide variety of locations, which is much more data-efficient. However, so far this has required the operators on-site to provide a second QR code for the users of the Corona warning app, which basically only happens very rarely.

It doesn’t work the other way around

Now, however, you can still log in with the app, because it now also understands the QR codes generated by the Luca system. If an infection incident then occurs at the location, you would be informed as usual by the Corona warning app, even if there was no contact with the smartphone of the person concerned.

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The Corona warning app can now log you into Luca! / © NextPit


QR / Barcode-Scanner PRO: This everyday app (free) belongs on every smartphone!

However, the reverse direction, i.e. scanning Corona warning app codes with the Luca app, does not work. Because Luca is based on the transfer of user contact details to the respective health authorities. In the Corona-Warn-App, however, no user data is collected that could be passed on. In addition, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), as the operator, points out that no user data is exchanged between the systems even when compared with the Lucas QR codes.

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