Controversial WhatsApp terms and conditions: Next step discovered in beta


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WhatsApp terms and conditions

It has been almost three months since WhatsApp caused a stir with controversial terms and conditions. While the refusal of the new terms and conditions has not had any consequences so far, the beta has now shown Facebook the next step in dealing with the operating conditions. These will be optional in the future and only affect certain users.

  • Wabetainfo was able to find out in a beta version how things are going with the new WhatsApp terms and conditions
  • In the future, these will only have to be accepted if users want to write with certain business accounts
  • Announcement of this change should follow shortly

If you have not yet accepted the new terms and conditions in WhatsApp, you will obviously not need to do so in the future either. Because as the page Wabetainfo was able to find out, Facebook will leave the new operating conditions of the messenger optional. The messenger can also be used for chatting, telephoning and video chatting with friends and family in the future without accepting the terms and conditions.

WhatsApp Terms and Conditions Optional
The dialogue that asks you to confirm the new terms and conditions will soon finally move to a different place. / © Wabetainfo


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Facebook will only require confirmation of the new WhatsApp terms of service if users want to communicate with certain business accounts. WhatsApp Business offers companies the opportunity to offer a simple and convenient feedback channel for customers. The business variant is far less common than the messenger for private individuals.

Annoying dialogue apparently finally disappears

Plagues yourself as a refusal of terms and conditions: inside the constantly popping dialogue, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Because as a screenshot from Wabetainfo suggests, Facebook will integrate this in a much more subtle form in the future. The reference to new terms and conditions will only appear if you want to contact certain business accounts. It appears at the bottom of the screen instead of appearing as a hint that fills the screen.

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