Content creators on Twitch will be able to earn more income with these updates

Content creators on Twitch will be able to earn more income with these updates
Through advertising on the platform, streamers will be able to earn money.
Through advertising on the platform, streamers will be able to earn money.

This new update to the creator incentive program on Twitch will allow you to generate more revenue through advertising that runs on videos.

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This advertising tool on the platform called “Ads Incentive Program” has been implemented for a few months, however, it has received a new update.

Twitch creators will be able to access more stable monthly income with the new incentive program in which they will receive payments every 30 days for allowing the publication of advertising for a certain number of hours per month, also with a certain number of ads. This was explained in the official blog of the site.

The update of this platform incentive system has modified the percentage of creators’ earnings, increasing it to 55% of the total income generated by the ads published within the platform.

The users of this platform will begin to see the changes from next August when they agree with Twitch for a minimum of 3 minutes per hour of advertising.

Receiving higher revenues through advertising is voluntary, so creators who do not wish to implement this mode of monetization will not be negatively affected.

What is Twitch

It is a streaming platform created by Amazon, which has a similar purpose to the world-famous site, YouTube, however, it has been characterized in that its users use it to broadcast live video games. Therefore, it has focused on the segment of lovers of the gaming world.

Therefore, it is more popular among young adults and adolescents who consume it as one of their favorite and most used networks or platforms.

On the other hand, although this update on its advertising and monetization policies is quite recent, the generation of economic income on the platform is not something new, in fact there are several ways to earn money as a content creator.

One of them is like “Affiliate” which consists of becoming an official content creator of the platform cFulfilling a series of requirements that are to get 50 followers, broadcast for 8 hours a day for 7 days and have at least 3 viewers on each broadcast.

Another very popular way among users to earn money on Twitch is being a “Partner” which is the next level to be an affiliate, so the requirements are more difficult to meet because a minimum of 25 hours must be broadcast divided into 12 different days. and reach an average of 75 spectators.

However, meeting these requirements does not guarantee that the user will be selected, since the platform has the final verdict.

In any case, the way in which gamers and content creators have received the most money on Twitch has been through the subscriptions of their followers, which consists of donations that the public makes to them in a range that goes from 4, $99 at 24.99.

Also, just like on TikTok, viewers can give gifts to users who stream video games in real timeit is about “Bits” term coined by the company itself, which are gifs or animated images that are equivalent to a certain amount of money.