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Confirmed: we will have ‘John Wick 5’

Confirmed: we will have 'John Wick 5'

At a certain point in the development of john wick 4 he hung up on the idea that lionsgate face the end of the main story in a way analogous to how other current action sagas (style Mission Impossible and fast & furious): with two different films, separating the plot into two halves. But, just like in fast & furious they have thought better of it (it is possible that now there are three), in john wick 4 banished the idea of ​​driving directly to a john wick 5: The team decided they needed a break.

So the fourth film hit theaters last March, with no sequel assured. Chad Stahelski, director of the film, summed up the situation thus: “It is legitimate that the public wants more. But I think we all need a little time to say ‘Ugh, let’s see what’s next’ …If Keanu and I, in a few months, sit again in a bar in Japan and suddenly say ‘yes, I have an idea’, We’ll go with it.” Meanwhile, john wick 4 got 363 million dollars all over the world, confirming to Lionsgate that it was a good idea to continue with that cinematographic universe that it has been building lately.

This universe includes a spin-off titled ballerina (who stars Ana de Armas and will also have the presence of Keanu Reeves) and a miniseries by name The Continentalcentered on the hotel for contract killers. ballerina premiere is scheduled for June 7, 2024and the idea is that The Continental see light nearby. joe drakepresident of Lionsgate, has spoken about what they plan beyond ballerina and The Continental and has confirmed, de facto, that they are already planning john wick 5. picks it up hollywood reporter.

“What is official is that, as you know, ballerina It is the first spin-off to be released next year. We’re developing three others, including the tv series The Continental, which will be broadcast shortly”, explains the executive. “We are building the world and when that fifth arrives film will grow organically from how we’re starting to tell those stories. But you can trust one regular cadence of john wick”. His words suggest that, beyond Ballerina, The Continental and john wick 5there are two other expansions in the works.

In any case, it seems that the fifth adventure of Baba Yaga is at a very early stage, and that the thing to do now is to prepare for ballerina and The Continental.

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