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Confirmed!“, Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick return with “A Simple Favor 2″

Confirmed!“, Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick return with “A Simple Favor 2″

The news that perhaps many were waiting for has arrived, Lionsgate Y Amazon Studios have confirmed the arrival of a sequel to the successful mystery and comedy film of 2018 in simple favortranslated into Spanish as a little favor. And of course, the sequel will bring back the brilliant Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, as well as their director Paul Feig.

Based on the 2017 novel of the same name in simple favor from Darcy Bellthe fiction told the story of Stephanie, a single mother who lost her husband, played by Anna Kendrick (protagonist of Perfect notes (2012) and its sequels in 2015 and 2017), who was working as a food blogger in Connecticut. However, Stephanie envied the life and personality of her best friend, Emily (Blake Lively, Serena van der Woodsen in gossip-girl). But why envy? It was because Emily was a woman with a successful career, an enviable family, and a glamorous lifestyle. However, things take a drastic turn when Emily mysteriously disappears one day, prompting Stephanie to start her own investigation into her friend’s past, finding more than one mix-up along the way.

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Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively;  protagonists of "A Simple Favor".  (Lionsgate)
Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively; protagonists of “A Simple Favor”. (Lionsgate)

How I finish in simple favor?

The end of the feature film left the door open for a sequel, since many questions remained unanswered. For the sequel Paul Feig will return as director and will produce it in the company of Laura Fisher; as well as Jessica Sharzer She will write the script and serve as executive producer. FeigcoEntertainment will produce the film, and Meredith Wieck and Scott O’Brien are overseeing the project for Lionsgate.

What will become of Henry Golding as Sean Townsend? It is not known! So far nothing else has been confirmed about other actors who will be involved in the project. So, for all those captivated with the story, characters and actors of this film, it only remains to be very aware of everything that comes about it, especially what is related to its release date.

"A Simple Favor", a film of intrigue, drama, comedy, disappearances and crime.  (Lionsgate)
“A Simple Favor”, a film of intrigue, drama, comedy, disappearances and crime. (Lionsgate)

in simple favor either a little favor It obtained more than 95 million dollars at the worldwide box office, which was recognized as a great success and commercial success for the Lionsgate company.

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