‘Concavenator Valley’: where and when to watch the documentary about the discovery of a dinosaur in Cuenca

The Sitges Festival, The largest fantasy and horror film festival in Spain is just around the corner and once again this year you will be able to see films by some of the most important directors from around the world. In this edition you will be able to see the new Yorgos Lanthimos, Miyazaki or Paco Plaza, like many documentaries. Already in 2022, one of the most special films that have been made in recent times was released with a very unusual theme in productions, such as dinosaurs.

Except the franchise jurassic park, which this year has celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, there are few projects focused on the gigantic beings that inhabited the earth that have remained engraved in the public’s memory. One of those that could enter that list is Concavenator Valley, which will be released soon and which mixes two concepts that, a prioriare not related in any way, but in reality they have a lot to do with each other: the dinosaurs and Cuenca.

True story of ‘Concavenator Valley’

In 1969, Jim O’Connell and his team moved to the province of La Mancha to film Dwangi Valley, a B-movie in which a cowboy finds a passage that leads to a valley full of dinosaurs, where capture an Allosaurus (invented for the film), which he will display to the rest of the human population.

Frame from ‘Concavenator Valley’
Sitges Festival

Furthermore, in 2003, they were discovered in the Las Hoyas site, Also in Cuenca, the Fossil remains of the most complete dinosaur ever found in Spain. The researchers from the Autonomous University and the UNED chose to name this new species as Concavenator corcovatus.

Synopsis and trailer for ‘Concavenator Valley’

Some researchers are preparing a project on dinomania based on two dinosaurs, one fictitious and one real: the carnivore of Gwangi Valley by Ray Harryhausen, and the unique species Concavenator, found very close to the filming location of that film. To do this, contact Colin Arthur, special effects wizard and collaborator of Harryhausen, and with José Luis Sanz, one of the three paleontologists (along with Fernando Escaso and Franciso Ortega) who discovered the dinosaur.

Concavenator Valley makes reality and fiction converge in an almost B-movie in which the three researchers (who are completely fictitious) contact totally real people to help them unleash the ‘dinomania’ through a project.

Cast of ‘Concavenator Valley’

In addition to having the aforementioned Colin Arthur (who was also in charge of the special effects of The endless story) and José Luis Sanz, the actresses will be present Dunia Rodríguez, Elena de Lara and Marian Clar, who will play the three investigators. She has also participated in the project Jack Taylor (Goya’s ghosts, 2006). It is directed by Victor Matellano (My beloved Monster201), who also wrote the script with Victoria Vázquez.

Where to see and release date of ‘Concavenator Valley’

After going through many other festivals, Concavenator Valley comes to theaters next September 28, and it promises to be one of the most extravagant projects of the remainder of the year.

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