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Colombia and the challenges of technology with the new Government of Gustavo Petro

Today the internet will be declared an essential and universal public service in Colombia. Photo:

José Daniel López, executive director of Alianza In, a Colombian guild for technological applications, spoke with infobae about the new government and what the country needs for digital development. In this regard, he welcomes the new Colombian presidency for two reasons, the first because Gustavo Petro, the new President, has spoken since the beginning of his campaign about the collaborative economy and secondly, because technology is the favorable sector for commercial relations.

The so-called collaborative economy is what has been called the commercial model of the 21st century where the people and sectors involved have greater autonomy and intermediaries that are not necessary are eliminated so that the workers involved have better working conditions.

Similarly, José Daniel explains that the other aspect in which the new Petro government and the technology sector could coincide is in the knowledge society, as he ensures that “Perhaps technology is the most effective means to build the attributes of a knowledge society, such as access to information and the universalization of education.”

José Daniel López, president of Alianza Inn
José Daniel López, president of Alianza Inn

On the other hand, in the joint report with the new Government, the regulation of platforms was addressed as a key aspect, especially with mobility and home applications. Y something that the technology sector has always wanted is to have clearer rules.

Jose Daniel assures the following, “we are not the type of sector that hides in legal gaps and in the lack of regulatory development, but here we bet on formality and operate in absolute legality paying the corresponding taxes”

Rappi is one of the most popular applications in Colombia.  REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez
Rappi is one of the most popular applications in Colombia. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

And it is that there have been few news that have involved the mobility platforms Specifically, in legal situations, such as what happened recently with Beat, however, José Daniel indicates that part of the objective of the collaborative economy is to provide the necessary tools so that everyone can benefit from technology.

For example, it indicates that some of the applications associated with the guild have shown that between 70 and 80% of their trips were made in taxis, whose drivers have opened accounts on mobility platforms.

Similarly, at Alianza In they assure that before thinking about the proper regulations it is necessary to understand that technology, although it is projected as the commercial sector of the future, also has a present. yesAccording to a study by Fedesarrollo in 2021, this sector generated income for 150,000 families in Colombia and represented 0.23% of the national GDP.

Nequi is one of the best known financial platforms in the country.
Nequi is one of the best known financial platforms in the country.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand that with the platforms that exist in Colombia, vulnerable populations such as migrants or those who live in informality benefit. In addition, another area of ​​the sector that would have development is the fintech and the adoption of new technologies by traditional banks.

If it is understood in this way, it will be necessary that the policies that are implemented have a social meaning that benefits all the parties involved, for example, José Daniel talks about the applications that today allow buying and selling real estate and emphasizes that the state you should strengthen these activities rather than persecute them.

Finally, the executive director of the union says that they will be attentive to the points of the tax reform and the implementation of other policies that allow enhancing the country’s technological capacity and provide the appropriate scenario for foreign investment and entrepreneurship.


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