Codes to search for content on Netflix and not miss anything

Codes to search for content on Netflix and not miss anything
How to search Netflix for series that do not appear at the beginning.  (photo: Unsplash)
How to search Netflix for series that do not appear at the beginning. (photo: Unsplash)

In most cases, users can feel overwhelmed by a wide range of series, movies or documentaries on the platform if they are not sure what they want to see.

Likewise, since consuming this type of content is a form of relaxation or entertainment, it is not that people venture to explore the functions of this platform in depth.

TechMarkup has created a simple and practical guide to search on Netflix:


Perhaps the most visible function in the platform interface and the one that everyone uses is the search engine that corresponds to the magnifying glass icon located in the upper right area of ​​the screen, whether on the computer or the cell phone.

And although everyone makes use of this tool, it is worth remembering some search criteria that could save the user time.

Search by video and audio quality: If you are a lover of the latest technology in recording and production, typing terms such as Atmos or UHD will show the contents with the best visual and sound quality.

Now, it is the same case with the term “Special Effects”, Since just by placing these two words in the search bar, a long list of series and movies with the best Hollywood effects will appear.

Search by genresit can also be a solution to find content quickly since typing terror, comedy or drama, the algorithm will show all the numbers related to this theme.

Likewise, there are many people who use streaming platforms to learn languages ​​by listening to podcasts or watching series and movies in the foreign language in question. Netflix not only hosts creations in English, but content can be found in almost all languages, so It does not hurt to type in the search engine terms such as “series in French” or “Italian films”.

Also, if you access Audio and Subtitles It will be possible to select the language of the contents that have these specifications.

Navigate on the main page

The home page always shows series, movies or documentaries that the creditor of the account could like based on the content they have previously seen. But this algorithm can be further refined by selecting the “Series” or “Movies” tabs so that only those formats are displayed.

However, you can be even more specific by going to the “Categories” section, as it will show a directory with all the genres and formats available on the platform.

For those who like to be in trend, by clicking or tapping on “New and popular” for cell phones and “popular news” on computers, a menu will be displayed with all the content recently uploaded or released by Netflix.

Finally, there are some codes that can be entered in the search bar to find a specific genre and subgenre, these are some of these codes:

– To find action and adventure classics, dial 46576

– To find movies about comics and superheroes, type 10118

– To see adult animation formats, write in the search bar 11881

– To find anime series, type 6721

– To access the list of family and children’s movies, you must write the code 783 in the search bar

– To search for science and nature documentaries, write the code 2595

– To access all cult horror movies, you must type 10944