Cobra Kai: Was Daniel’s Kick at Karate Kid Illegal? Understand

according to the series Snake Kai renews the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, a doubt that continues to haunt fans of the franchise even almost 40 years after the film’s release karate Kid: in the end, Was Daniel’s famous kick that won him illegal?


Not only does the issue follow fans, but it has also been addressed in How I Met Your Mother, with Barney Stinson stating that Will Zabka’s character was wronged. Soon, once and for all, let’s find out what really happened.

Daniel’s kick in karate Kid was it illegal?


As much as Johnny is portrayed as an embittered character in the series, the great truth is that he is right. According to the championship rules set out in the movie, as well as tournament rules in real life, Daniel’s iconic kick that earned him the victory was, in fact, illegal..

The reason that confirms the fact is that the kick hit Johnny in the face. The rules explicitly said that punches couldn’t hit the face, so he shouldn’t have gotten points for the kick.


(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)Source: Columbia

But then why did he emerge victorious after an illegal maneuver? The truth is, for the producers, the rules didn’t really matter. The writers’ idea was to create an emotional scene, a climax that would make the film sell well at the box office. Therefore, they didn’t worry about keeping the film’s veracity according to real-life rules.

Ready! Now, you already know what really happened in that iconic scene. In the end, do you think the ending of the film was unfair?

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