Christopher Nolan’s wish with ‘Oppenheimer’ so that “no evil streaming service steals it from us”

“Some of our industry’s biggest filmmakers and biggest movie stars went to bed the night before thinking they were working for the best movie studio and they woke up to find that they were working for the worst service streaming”.

Such were the lapidary words of Christopher Nolan once he found out that Warner Bros. carried out its hybrid model, by which all the films it had scheduled for 2021 would be released in theaters and in HBO Max simultaneously.

He considered it a serious lack of respect for the creators, to the point of deciding to leave a studio where he had been for 20 years. This breakup had, on the other hand, a happy ending: Nolan directed Oppenheimer with the protection of Universaland Warner Bros.’ decision to schedule Barbie for its opening day itself led to the Barbenheimer: the summer event that has brought in million-dollar collections for both films.

On the other hand, at Warner there has been a change of management and priority is being returned to traditional exhibition, while the new heads of the film division (Michael DeLuca and Pam Abdy) are hopeful that Nolan will return.

The director himself has already said that his thing with Warner is “expired water” and that he would work with them again, but his hostility towards him streaming has not changed. In an event that is echoed IndieWireNolan has talked about how he will arrive Oppenheimer to Blu-raytelling how much he and his team have worked to make the domestic experience as satisfactory as possible.

Oppenheimer It’s been quite a journey for us and now it’s time to release a home version of the film. I’ve been working very hard on it for months. I am known for my love of movie theaters and I have put my entire life into it, but the truth is that the way the movie comes out at home It’s just as important”.

Nolan says he prefers people to buy the Blu-ray of Oppenheimer before having to wait to see it on some platform. Since the film was distributed by Universal, it is reasonable to think that this biopic of the father of the atomic bomb will be incorporated at some point into the catalog of Peacock (platform that does not exist in Spain). It’s not something Nolan is too interested in.

The dark knight was one of the first movies we specially formatted for Blu-ray release because it was something new at that time. And in the case of Oppenheimer “We put a lot of care and attention into the Blu-ray version.”

Then he throws the punch: “We tried to move photography and sound into the digital realm with a version that you can buy and have at home and put on a shelf.” so that no evil streaming service can steal it from you”.

Nolan’s attack is not gratuitous, since without going any further HBO Max (later seconded by Disney+) has already deleted films from its catalog to deduct taxes: even Warner itself has canceled the release of films that were already shot, such as Batgirl, Scoob! Holiday Haunt and the recent Coyote vs ACME.

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