Home Entertainment Christopher Nolan has used real scientists as extras in ‘Oppenheimer’

Christopher Nolan has used real scientists as extras in ‘Oppenheimer’

Christopher Nolan has used real scientists as extras in 'Oppenheimer'

At each new shooting of Christopher Nolan The anecdotes that illustrate his perfectionism accumulate. Director of The dark knight he takes care of every detail of the production, and also uses as few digital effects as possible. Before opening Tenet it was widely publicized how he wanted to crash a real plane for a scene, and in the wake of his next film we learned of another occurrence that takes this anxiety for realism to a kind of point of no return.

This next film is oppenheimer: the first one who directs for Universal after his departure from Warner and has assembled a tremendous cast. Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon… and cillian murphy, his fetish actor, playing the lead. Is about robert oppenheimerinventor of the atomic bomb, and oppenheimer it is a huge biopic who will review this central episode of the Second World War (conflict that Nolan already visited in Dunkirk).

Murphy, along with Nolan, have given an interview to Entertainment Weekly and revealed a few secrets of the shoot. Murphy has described in particular the atmosphere in the set, with everyone committed to the project. “Every day you had to push yourself to the maximum to work with these legends,” he explains. “Everyone was very well prepared. Each and every actor, regardless of the size of their role or the importance of their character in the story, had great knowledge to which to turn.”

This great knowledge sometimes passed for being from authentic scientists. Even when it came to extras, figuration that appeared in the background in the plans, Nolan wanted them to be experienced scientists. “We were at the real base of Poplars and we had a lot of real scientists as extras,” Nolan explains without a blush. “We needed the extras to react and improvise, and they gave us impromptu speeches and very polite. It was fun listening to them.”

“Sometimes you find yourself on a set with a bunch of extras thinking about lunch. These guys were thinking though geopolitical implications of nuclear weapons and knew a lot about it. It was actually a great reminder every day of: We have to be very vigilant, we have to be faithful to history and know what we are up to”, concludes the director. oppenheimerdeveloped in the most rigorous way possible, opens next July 21 coinciding with a big Warner release, Barbie.

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