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Children’s Day: how to protect children’s mental health on Instagram

Children's mental health.  (photo: Dide)

Children’s mental health. (photo: Dide)

The Universitat Carlemany, an international online university, Have you noticed the effects that overexposure sometimes creates in social networks.

And it is that, platforms like Instagram are increasingly seeing users spend more and more time posting and viewing content, with some effects, albeit still uncertain, related to depression and affect self-esteem and appreciation.

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Definitely, this is a space where many people, and even childrenthey love to share the best moments of their lives, however, there is concern about the psychological impact of uploading photos to Instagram.

It should be remembered that this social network is based on its content in images, and the use of this network is numerous, so it is essential to protect privacy when uploading photos to Instagram, to share without fear and enjoy the content that others send.

In many cases, social networks can promote or exacerbate mental health problems on those who use them. Tasks can vary depending on the user’s previous state of the application, the purpose of the interaction, and how the response is handled for that application.

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In other words, age and maturity along with other factors will determine how a person perceives, interpret and value the comments or other types of interactions that may take place online, because obviously they are exposed or overexposure can have consequences.

This is how you can protect the image when sharing photos on Instagram

Almost all platforms, including Instagram, allow you to set different levels of privacy. It’s even possible to choose who can see certain posts, except if you want people they follow or who this user follows. Likewise, it is possible to block other users and report inappropriate behavior if this is the case.

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There are other features and settings in these apps that they allow strict control over what is shown and to whom. As well as professionals who work behind the scenes, to ensure that the content that circulates complies with the regulations of the platform.

It should be noted that this type of resource is not intended for use by minors and if this type of profile is discovered, can be reported. As such, the social network has come a long way in terms of data protection and privacy, providing a much safer environment than in the beginning.

Children taking a photo.  (photo: Being Parents)
Children taking a photo. (photo: Being Parents)

This is how you can solve low self-esteem because of the internet

While low self-esteem may have an off-grid cause, the truth is that uncontrolled exposure and feedback can improve or worsen feelings of self-esteem or worth. It can sometimes evoke feelings of worthlessness or of a depressive nature.

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The conscious and responsible use of social networks is important, In many cases, adolescents and young people are seen as more vulnerable to the impact that external factors have on them that can take their toll on their mental health, so if they are not taken advantage of, they should stop exposing themselves online and restore their self-esteem.

For this, it may be appropriate to get psychological help, establish guidelines and have tools to take care of oneself and control consumption.

Low self-esteem in children.  (photo: ABC)
Low self-esteem in children. (photo: ABC)

Psychology in the world and digital generation

Psychology is concerned with the study of behavior, which must deeply understand the current context, inside and outside the platforms, so the study of social media addiction also features prominently in the industry, along with other dependent factors.

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However, there are differences in consumption depending on variables such as age, gender and location, and even so, the increases and growths are general.

Children in social networks.  (photo: Telefónica Foundation Space)
Children in social networks. (photo: Telefónica Foundation Space)

It is clear that in today’s society, digital platforms have become an important part of the daily routine and psychology must consider its consumption as part of its evaluation. At the same time, these kinds of issues should be approached with moderation and common sense whenever possible.

Yes, we must monitor the use of the environment by vulnerable people, protect them from content that harms them and seek professional help if consumption is believed to be inappropriate and harmful to their mental health.

Despite all this, without depriving them of the freedom they had as adults. If they are minors, those exercising their guardianship must be notified.

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