Chiky Bombom confessed that her goal in ‘Ojos de Mujer’ is: “Spread female empowerment”

The Dominican Republic native began uploading content in 2015. (Photo courtesy of E! Entertainment)

After placing himself among the main trends of social networks for his comical videos – from which his popular phrase “good good”- and his recent participation in reality shows like Look who is dancing Y top-chefChiky Bombom was honest about his participation in the second season of Woman’s Eyesa program of AND! Entertainment where he will talk about different topics in the company of Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Érika de la Vega and Carla Medina.

In interview with TechMarkup Mexicothe native of the Dominican Republic announced that in this new edition will seek to spread female empowerment with their opinionsbecause he considers that it is extremely necessary in society: “It is exactly what is needed in Latin America, to empower women whose faces are tied, who have been trampled on for years, who have been mistreated for years.”

The influencer explained that during each episode current topics will be put on the table with the intention of presenting honest opinions and confessions that serve as support for those people who are going through similar situations or that incite reflection.

The first season is available on the official channel of E!  Entertainment on YouTube.  (Screenshot)
The first season is available on the official channel of E! Entertainment on YouTube. (Screenshot)

“We touch on a lot of extremely necessary topics, especially for Latin America, to educate, to motivate, to inspire, to open the doors to those women who are there thinking they are nothing when they are everything“, said.

As women we join in this production with E! under the same objective: to inspire, motivate and spread female empowerment throughout Latin America.

Chiky Bombom acknowledged that The show gave her a space that she had been looking for for a long time on television, for which she feels very grateful and happy to be able to share her point of view not only with her fans on the internet, but also with the general public through television.

(Photo courtesy of E! Entertainment)
(Photo courtesy of E! Entertainment)

I am beyond social media […] Y Woman’s Eyes gave me the opportunity that no one had given me, no one wanted to give me a chance on television and now everyone wants with the bombom […] I feel like I’m talking to my friends and not to the public,” he said.

The Dominican ventured into social networks approximately seven years ago, when he lived in his native country. In this regard, she confessed that she decided to open a space in networks to be able to express everything that was happening in her life, especially the things that affected her, and thus in a certain way free everything from her. However, she never imagined that her videos would go viral, reaching more than 2.6 million followers on Instagramplatform where he continues to upload content.

Depression was my motivation because social networks were that medium that I used to ventI didn’t have anyone to talk to, I didn’t have anyone to vent to and I said you know what I’m going to vent on social networks and I’m going to throw away everything I carry inside and I was connecting with different people until the moment I had to help thousands and thousands of people and here I am, I keep helping”, he said.

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I make my videos without thinking about motivating anyone

The second season of Woman’s Eyes It will premiere this Thursday, August 18 at 8:00 p.m. via AND! Entertainment and will consist of 12 episodes of approximately 60 minutes in length.

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