Chicago PD: Writer Confirms Upton and Halstead’s Future in Season 10

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In an interview with ScreenRant, Gwen Sigan, screenwriter of Chicago PD, spoke about the future of Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton with the departure of actor Jesse Lee Soffer from the cast. At the end of Season 10, the fan-favorite couple is set to end once and for all.

The news is not exactly a surprise. After all, the actor has announced that he won’t be appearing in the next season, despite having been a recurring character since the first episode. With that, the writers opted for the end of the couple so that Upton can have a different future.

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Will Upton and Halstead break up in Chicago PD Season 10?

Unfortunately, the couple’s future has already been sealed by the writers.

“It will definitely be a big impact for Upton to be without him this season. It’s such an interesting relationship, and it’s been that way from the beginning. It’s like they know what each other is thinking,” Gwen said.

Also during the interview, the screenwriter recalled some of the best moments of the couple and made it clear that the two always supported each other, even before the wedding. For her, it’s a shame they end so quickly.

Still in the words of the showrunner, the couple always supported each other at various times. The characters got married during the ninth season, and it will come to a quick end.

“They always supported each other. They were involved in so many situations that were so traumatic and yet they were there for each other. Even their marriage is built around this need to get through something, to be able to be each other’s anchor and keep each other steady,” he concluded.

(Source: NBC/Disclosure)(Source: NBC/Disclosure)Source: NBC

O cast from the series includes Marina Squerciati, Jason Beghe, Patrick John Flueger, LaRoyce Hawkins, Amy Morton, Tracy Spiridakos, Rick Eid, and Jesse Lee Soffer, although this one leaves the plot as of the last episode. The 10th season of Chicago PD premieres this Wednesday, September 21, in the United States.

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