Chicago Fire 11×2: promo shows Kidd and Severide at risk; watch!

The trailer for the 2nd episode of the 11th season of Chicago Fire It’s already between us and it looks like Kidd and Severide really can’t get a break, even after their wedding. After all, in the preview released, the two face a dangerous rescue mission that compromises their safety.


Titled “Every Scar Tells a Story” (in free translation, Every Scar Tells a Story), the new chapter brings yet another danger to the couple. Even after being attacked on their honeymoon, the couple believes they will finally have some peace and be able to enjoy their new married life. However, the writers had different ideas for them!

Check out the teaser below:


Chicago Fire 11×2: what to expect from the next episode?

In the promo released, Truck and Squad try to save some workers and Severide advises the duo to be careful, as the ground can cause electrocution. Meanwhile, Kidd has her eye on Sam, a new squad member struggling to get the workers to safety.


While the trailer doesn’t detail what happens, Carver’s insubordination could have severe consequences for Severide. The firefighter clearly doesn’t respect him, and during a mission as dangerous as this, safety can be compromised.

Still, Kidd and Severide seem more in love than ever and it’s perhaps safe to say that romance should be one of the big points of Season 11 – even if it takes a while for them to actually enjoy their married life.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Sylvie. After all, she decided to break up with Matt in Episode 1 and now has to deal with the breakup as the season progresses.


(Source: NBC/Disclosure)Source: NBC

with the turn of Chicago Fire, NBC Wednesdays are now action packed. At 8pm, the 8th season of Chicago Med is broadcast, followed by the firefighters of Squadron 51. Finally, at 10 pm, the new episode of Chicago PD. Therefore, the next episode will air this Wednesday, 28.

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