Check out the evolution of the Woodpecker character

Woodpecker is one of Brazil’s most popular and beloved cartoons. Animation arrived in Brazil in the 1980s and lasted for decades, allowing different generations to follow the most beloved bird on TV.

And just like its faithful spectators, the design itself has also evolved from its first appearance, to the most modern designs, which are now freely available on The character’s official YouTube channel.

Pica Pau has a YouTube channel with completely free episodesSource: YouTube

Today TecMundo shows how it was the evolution of woodpecker over all these years. Check out!

The emergence of the Woodpecker (Maluco)

The character was created in the 1940s by designer and animator Walter Lantz. Initially, Woody Woodpecker was created to make a cameo in an episode of the animation Andy Panda.

The idea was to put him in charge of leaks in the character’s house, after having the roof “pecked” by the bird.

First Woody Woodpecker appeared in the series of the character Andy PandaFirst Woody Woodpecker appeared in the series of the character Andy PandaSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

However, even considered aesthetically ugly by the directors of Universal Studios, the public loved the character and asked for more episodes with him. With that, he starred in episodes that same year, where other animations such as Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry also appeared.

To this day the look of the character is called by many as “Crazy Woodpecker”. That’s because the bird had crossed eyes, a hallucinated expression, pointed teeth, and wouldn’t stop still for a minute.

A more sociable woodpecker

In 1944, after already being a popular success, Woody Woodpecker got a makeover to become more “sociable”. With that, he received lighter features, with a cuter face, a smaller size, blue feathers and a belly with white gloves.

In 1944 Woodpecker received new traits to be cuter and friendlierIn 1944 Woodpecker received new traits to be cuter and friendlierSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

The character also began to give more space to other supporting characters, such as the lazy Leôncio, and the famous villain Zeca Urubu. During this period, the cartoon also won its theme song, which was nominated for an Oscar in 1948.

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TV debut and new changes

In 1957, Pica-Pau made its TV debut. It was shown on a weekly program on the ABC channel, which lasted about half an hour. Interestingly, all the drawings were presented by the creator Walter Lantz himself.

Another important element was the cutting scenes considered violent to be shown to children. It is worth remembering that, in the many previous episodes, the character is often seen using weapons, bombs, and using excessive force to get revenge on those who disturb his patience.

When he debuted on TV in 1957, Pica Pau got smaller, got a topknot and dark eyes.When he debuted on TV in 1957, Pica Pau got smaller, got a topknot and dark eyes.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

Regarding his look, he gained a kind of topknot and his eyes changed to black, which facilitated his creation and animation. In this period there were also even more supporting characters that became very popular, such as the horse Pé de Pano and the nephews of the character himself.

The return of the Woodpecker

After going years without getting a new episode, from 1999 to 2002 the character got new episodes. Nonetheless, were not very well received by their fanswho considered the stories uninteresting, repetitive and, at times, with little protagonism of the main character.

The look was also criticized, as he returned with green eyes and a face similar to the first version of the character, that of Pica-Pau Maluco. However, the posture was far from that of the mad bird of the 1940s.

In 1999, Pica Pau got a look reminiscent of his first featuresIn 1999, Pica Pau got a look reminiscent of his first featuresSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

These episodes were also shown in Brazil. But, after much criticism from their fans, they were quickly replaced by the classic animations, which to this day are the favorites of their huge audience.

Woodpecker: The Movie

And the last version of the character was in 2017, when the feature Woodpecker: The Movie, was released in theaters. The film features a fight between the character and crooks who intend to build a mansion in the forest where the bird lives.

Woodpecker: The MovieWoodpecker: The MovieSource: IMDB

The 3D look remained faithful to the last version of Pica Pau, from 1999 to 2001, where it kept the light eyes, the long topknot and, above all, the resemblance to the first animation of the character.

Now that you know the evolution of Woody Woodpecker, know that you can watch the best episodes of the animation through its official YouTube channel.

And in your opinion, which is the best version of the character? Tell us on our social media!

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