Charm’s 5 songs that are trending on TikTok

Charm's 5 songs that are trending on TikTok

Although the premiere of the Disney Animations Studios Charming movie was last December 2021, it continues to have a great impact on social networks. only in TikTok his soundtrack was used in over a billion videos.

A couple of weeks ago the social network of short videos recognized the success of the music of the winner of the Oscar for the best animated film, assuring that five different songs from the movie have become a trend inside the platform.

The composer of the hit songs is Lin-Manuel Mirandawith whom TikTok released a special video where he says how happy and grateful he feels for the success of Encanto’s music.

The song “Don’t talk about Bruno” It is the one that has been used the most by users, with more than a million videos created with this soundtrack. Some of the tiktokers have recreated the dance from the film and others have shown cake decorations, cosplays and many other things inspired by the film.

But this is not the only thing, Stephanie Beatriz, who gives voice to the character of Mirabel, also joined the celebrations of the film on TikTok, to bring out her inner Pepa and Félix.

Since becoming a hit on TikTok, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s soundtrack tune has become Disney’s biggest animated musical hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart since 1995. Even leaving behind other Disney musical hits like “Let It Go” from Frozen.

Another of the most used songs is “Two Little Caterpillars”, which has been used in more than 33 thousand videos, is an acoustic ballad in Spanish. The melody has transcended borders, making it logical that the Academy has nominated it for an Oscar. Users of the social network have used this theme as a background to share stories of other Encanto characters to show off their talents.

“The creators of TikTok have leaned on the emotional tone of the song [Dos Oruguitas] to share some touching moments of their lives,” TikTok said.

The topic “In the deep”, has been occupied in 169 thousand creations. With hashtags like #OldestChild, #Siblings, and #OldestSister, users often occupy the song “Surface Pressuredealing with different family situations. It does not matter that it is located in Colombia, it manages to connect with the entire public.

The songs “The Madrigal Family” and “Inspiration” have been the most used, the first has been used more than 311 thousand times and the second more than 111 thousand times. These are more fun and users have taken advantage of that to unleash your creativity or to show your love the characters in the animation. Among the hashtags used are #EncantoCosplay and #EncantoFanArt.

The three most important hashtags of characters and used by the community have been #Bruno, #CamiloMadrigal and #MirabelMadrigal. There’s also been a lack of humorous trends around the film, including #Candle, in which tiktokers blow out the family candle when “treated” like Mirabel.

“Encanto, which takes place in Colombia and pays homage to Latino culture, music and performance, it has inspired the creators to share what makes them unique and to tell what the film meant to them”.