Channing Tatum’s movie of the moment tops the list of most watched movies on HBO

When channing tatum starred magic mike back in 2012, you probably never thought that the film was going to have such a pull that there would be other two more deliveries. The film, based on the actor’s own personal experience, was a box-office success, bringing huge profits to Warner Bros.

Three years later came the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, that although it raised less than its predecessor, it continued to be a profitable business for the production company. Already in this 2023 the closure of the Mike Lane trilogy has arrived, Magic Mike’s Last Dancewhich premiered in US theaters last February, but which has come directly to HBO Max in Spain.

Channing Tatum in ‘Magic Mike’ (2012)
Warner Bros.

After almost a month available on the platform, the last tape of the trilogy has established itself as the most watched movie on HBO Max in Spain during the month of June, surpassing other major productions that are also in the catalogue.

Success of ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ on HBO

According to flixpatrola website that measures the audiences of the different platforms, the film directed by steven sorderbergh has been the most viewed on HBO Max one more week, ahead of, among others, three feature films from the DC Universe, as they areShazam! fury of the gods, Black Adam and batman. In addition, it has also gained views from blockbusters such as Dune and Oscar-winning films like the williams method.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance has also been a success international level, being the most viewed film on the platform worldwide during almost two weeks only surpassed in the rest of the days by the second installment of Shazam.

What is Mike Lane’s latest adventure?

Eight years after his last performance, Mike has declared himself in bankruptcy after his business failed. Looking for a job, she enters the scene Maxandra Mendonza, a lady from London high society who proposes to the retired stripper to be in charge of a new show of dancers, but the socialite (played by a Salma Hayek who replaced Thandie Newton), will erase the professional line of the personal.

Channing Tatum in 'Magic Mike's Last Dance'
Channing Tatum in ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’
Warner Bros.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance It was originally intended to be released directly on platforms, as has happened in Spain, although the CEO of Warner, David Zaslav, He insisted that the film go through American theaters first, something that finally happened.

The tape was released on Feb. 10 and managed to raise a total of 57 million dollars, half that of its predecessor and a third of what the first installment harvested. Now, on HBO Max, it seems to have found a second life.

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