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Chainsaw Man: Crunchyroll takes a stand supporting Guilherme Briggs

Imagem de: Chainsaw Man: Crunchyroll se posiciona apoiando Guilherme Briggs

The last few days have been troubled for the voice actor Guilherme Briggs, who suffered an avalanche of negative comments and even death threats for having “changed” a line in the dub of the anime Chainsaw Man in relation to an unofficial Brazilian translation. Many fans supported the voice actor and condemned the senseless attacks from the angry fanbase, but Crunchyroll, the anime’s official distributor, had yet to comment.

This Saturday afternoon (14), the company finally posted a statement on its social networks, saying that there is no room for this type of aggressive attitude within the anime community and that it supports the voice actor Guilherme Brigss. You can read the statement in full below:

“There is no room for cyberbullying within the anime community. Crunchyroll fully supports the voice actor Guilherme Briggs and condemns the attacks directed at him and his fantastic voice acting work together with the team at Som de Vera Cruz studio.

We’d like to thank the fans who have expressed their support for Briggs, as well as the voiceover team for their work and professionalism. It’s your work that makes the industry strong today, and the community.

Crunchyroll will always be with you.”

Last Friday (13), the actor got tired of the attacks and published on his networks that he was tired of so many attacks and threats and that he would give up the project. On Twitter, Crunchyroll also says it has taken some steps to ensure the safety of the crew and cast.

“To ensure the safety of the cast and crew affected by the current situation, we will be postponing our original TikTok livestream of Chainsaw Man, originally scheduled for next Tuesday. Thank you for your understanding!”

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