Cesia made fun of Myriam Montemayor again with another controversial video of “Como la flor”

The Honduran once again mocked Myriam (Photo: Tiktok/Facundotv)

The tension between Myriam, who served as godmother in The Academy 20: years, Y Cesia Saenz -winner of the season- continues to grow. And it is that, the Honduran was not satisfied with making fun of the cover once As the flower that the 41-year-old singer sang during one of the programs, but shared a new video after Montemayor revealed that he did not block the young woman from his social networks.

The whole problem started a few weeks ago when, during a live, Cesia ventured to make a parody of the melody that Myriam reinterpreted during this edition of The academy. Thus, while the winner of this generation imitated the Godmother, Nelson and Rubí -who were also present at the talk- were stunned at the moment.

As expected, the clip went viral and speculation began that Myriam had become upset with the academics and had stopped following them on social networks. It was so last Friday, the interpreter appeared in Twitter to disprove the facts.

Cesia imitated Myriam Montemayor's cover (Photo: @TvAzteca)
Cesia imitated Myriam Montemayor’s cover (Photo: @TvAzteca)

“They write to me to ask me why I stopped following my godchildren, the reality is that I did not follow them, because they did not have access to their networksthen do not take for granted, nor believe everything they say, “Montemayor wrote, but in another tweet he posted:” One or another who wants to go astray and get out of the huacal “.

Given this, Cesia was not silent and in a TikTok that Facundo Caballero uploaded, the interpreter of the cover of I refuse Y posted a screenshot of Montemayor’s tweet.

As if that were not enough, during the short clip you can see the Honduran woman with a flower in her hand and caressing several people with it, while the version of Selena’s hit played by Myriam plays in the background.


Give away the one they are born yaaa life is better if we laugh

♬ original sound – Karina Girón 💖

The audiovisual quickly went viral and reached almost 200 thousand views, however, some of the Internet users classified it as unfortunate and Cesia’s attitude is disrespectful.

And the supposed humility and respect of her where it was”. “I liked her, I voted for her but with that attitude she already fell from grace. Either way, this is ridiculous. and Myriam is very loved by Mexicans”. “Debut and farewell”. “Too bad, someone who advises her well.” “But what about Cesia?”, were some of the mentions that appeared on this social network.

Also, in another clip, The lioness of Honduras appeared with the same flower and sang in her own voice the version with which Myriam won the first generation of The academy. And in the comments he added: “It’s comedy, it’s comedy.”


Last day with me 🥹 (Instagram: facundotv_ )

♬ original sound – Facundo Caballero

To which Internet users did not take it well either and pointed out to the young woman that her attitude was no longer funny, but offensive.

“We don’t want to fight anymore, Cesia, please cooperate.” “Noooo, that’s throwing gas on the fire, we’ve already suffered enough… collaborate by advising her please, For the good of his career.” “And then they say that the one who starts is Myriam.” “She is throwing herself on top of those who could well do her career, but with that attitude …”, users commented openly.


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