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CES 2023: TCL also produced a compact tablet and headphones

CES 2023: TCL also produced a compact tablet and headphones

In addition to the 40 series smartphones, TCL also presented a compact Android tablet and wireless earphones at the CES exhibition. THE Tab 8 LE the successor to last January’s Tab 8, the IPS LCD display size and HD resolution (800 x 1280 p) remained, as did the 4G data connection. The battery in the machine is 4080 mAh, according to TCL, it is possible to get up to a whole day’s operating time from the light and small tablet.

There is a 5 MP camera on the front and back of the tablet, and stereo speakers work on the right and left sides of the frame. The built-in storage is 32 GB, which can be expanded up to 512 GB with microSD. The manufacturer did not specify the type of the system chip, all we know is that it is a quad-core chip, so it is believed to be the MediaTek MT7866B working with the 2 GHz CPU used in last year’s model, since it is an entry-level device. However, for the time being it seems that TCL plans to sell the tablet only in the United States, the Tab 8 LE will go on sale in the USA at the end of January at a price of 159 US dollars.

THE TCL MoveAudio Air however, the earphones will not be exclusive to American customers, the earphones are also available in Europe at a price of 39.99 euros. Using Bluetooth 5.2, the TWS device uses a total of four microphones to filter out background noise during calls. There is no active noise cancellation, but 9 hours of continuous playback can be achieved this way, and the device is capable of passive isolation due to its design sitting in the ear canal.

TCL MoveAudio Air [+]

The size of the case is 60.8 x 49.6 x 27.6 millimeters, the earphones are 33.5 x 21.1 x 24.6 millimeters and both are made of white plastic. There is IPX4 protection, which means that sweat cannot damage the earphones. The case weighs 48.3 grams, the bulk of which can be attributed to the 500 mAh battery, the earphones weigh 4.4 grams and contain a 50 mAh battery. Charging takes place via a Type-C connector, and the earphones are charged magnetically via a 2-pin Pogo connector in the case.

There is no active noise cancellation, no wear detection, no multipoint, the average delay is 120 milliseconds, and the sound is provided by 10 mm dynamic drivers. The earphones are compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so AAC support is also provided in addition to SBC codecs. There is a touch surface in the stem, which can be used to control the earphones, and there is an adjustable EQ with three modes: low-emphasis, balanced and podcast.

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