Home Android CES 2023: Samsung flashed a 2,000-nit mobile panel

CES 2023: Samsung flashed a 2,000-nit mobile panel

CES 2023: Samsung flashed a 2,000-nit mobile panel

Samsung is the crowned king of OLED panels, so it is no wonder that in addition to its own devices, for example, Apple also prefers to order it, and although neither party makes such agreements under the nose of the average user, industry sources and disassembly videos confirm that the iPhone 14 Pro is a pair It wears a Samsung OLED panel.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max uses a Samsung OLED panel with over 2000 nits [+]

This is relevant because in the case of the Pro Max model above, we measured a luminance density of 2257 nits on a white, dot-like surface with our iDisplay Pro meter, which is probably ten times brighter than the screen you are reading these lines on. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has to make do with a more modest 1799 nits, but its sequel will certainly get the screen technology that Samsung recently demoed at CES in Las Vegas.

The mobile-sized screens are capable of a UDR (ultra dynamic range) luminance of over 2000 nits and have been certified by UL Solution. In addition to sheer brightness and, of course, better visibility under sunlight, Samsung promises more lifelike colors, and HDR content will obviously benefit from this as well. Of course, the manufacturer is silent about which device the UDR 2000 certified OLED technology will debut in, but with the phones above, we hardly missed it.

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