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CES 2023: PC advances for gamers and car lovers

These are the most prominent consumer and gaming laptop ads.

From processors and graphics cards, to complete new equipment, they have been shown at the beginning of the CES 2023 but with a single purpose, and it is the development of technologies for video game lovers.

The 13th generation of processors intelcore was announced for laptops, including the strongest card, the i9-13950HX, the brand’s fastest chip on the market and the first 24-core chip ever launched for laptops.

Another feature of this family is the 5.6 GHz turbo frequency, the fastest clock speed available and delivering 49% better multitasking performance than the previous generation. In addition to support for Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 6E.

For those users who want thinner and lighter notebook designs, the P and U series of this 13th generation were announced, which reduces the number of cores to 14, with graphics Intel Iris Xe and four ports Thunderbolt 4giving you a faster and more reliable wireless solution with displays and accessories.

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These are the most prominent consumer and gaming laptop ads.
These are the most prominent consumer and gaming laptop ads.

For him CES 2023 Four lines of laptops were known, two focused on consumption and the others on gaming. All include the 13th generation Intel Core processor.

For consumer laptops, the line aspire add two devices 5 and 3, which are aimed at more casual and less demanding users who perform basic tasks at home and study.

But also, they announced the new line called swiftwhich has as a great differential factor its OLED screen with 120 Hz refresh rate and the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050, which makes it ideal for designers and editors. In addition, your camera adapts to work in low light conditions.

What about graphics cards

A couple of months ago the company announced its strongest series of graphics cards, the RTX 40. Now the company will bring that technology to gaming laptops to more than 170 devices.

The ranges that will be available in the laptops will be RTX 4090, 4080, 4070, 4060 and 4050, which in addition to adding a strong graphic change have improvements in energy efficiency, performance and power.

Much of the progress is made by taking advantage of the DLSS 3which boosts image quality to the next resolution, although this is only available in certain video games.

These are the most prominent consumer and gaming laptop ads.
These are the most prominent consumer and gaming laptop ads.

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ROG launch

Three different series were known: Strix, Zephyrus, Flow, cWith big bets on the screen, as well as incorporating Intel’s 13th generation processors and Nvidia’s RTX 40 series.

In the case of the series Strix will have 18, 17 and 16-inch laptops with a 240Hz QHD resolution and incorporates Dolby Vision HDR, which provides good configuration options to enjoy the image. They are also accompanied by two-dimensional noise cancellation with artificial intelligence that filters input and output sounds.

for the series Zephyruswhich are committed to a design closer to consumer computers, there are three different laptops: M16, G14 and G16, which have HDR Mini LED QHD screens between 165 and 240 Hz.

Finally, the Flow that are laptops with screens that can rotate up to 360 degrees, but that have the latest technical features in terms of power and performance, as well as triple cooling systems.

These are the most prominent consumer and gaming laptop ads.
These are the most prominent consumer and gaming laptop ads.

digital booths

Visteon’s SmartCore Cockpit Domain Controller software is a solution developed at Visteon’s world-class technical centers in India, which integrates key automotive cockpit system functions, including digital instrument clusters and computer-based infotainment. Android.

The platform SmartCore it is also fully updateable over the air and offers an integrated white-label app store with select apps for drivers.

With new models from automakers using four or more cameras on the outside and up to two cameras inside the cabin, SmartCore also includes advanced monitoring capabilities. prosecution vision to offer driver monitoring and remote surveillance via a smartphone app.

“The automotive cockpit is emerging as a critical competitive battleground for the industry, and Visteon’s SmartCore software platform offers a complete solution to address consumer demand for a user experience that matches their expectations,” said Sachin. Lawande, president and CEO of Visteon.

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