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CES 2023: Lenovo’s e-ink tablet leaves China

CES 2023: Lenovo's e-ink tablet leaves China

At the beginning of December, we also wrote about the fact that a lot of manufacturers presented e-ink tablets in China, including Lenovo. There, as we wrote about, the same hardware runs under the name Yoga Paper, which will be available on the Western market in 2023 Smart Paper interested parties will be able to purchase it at a price of 399 US dollars. The exact release date is not yet known, but it is certain that the pen that allows you to take notes on the display and the case that closes like a book are part of the basic package. By the way, with the price of $399, Lenovo underbids Amazon, the Kindle Scribe with pen and case starts at $449, if it is not currently on sale.

Smart Paper Smart Paper (source: Lenovo) [+]

The Lenovo Smart Paper has a 10.3-inch display with 4,096 pressure points and a 23-millisecond latency to detect the stylus. The software (Lenovo’s unique user interface based on Android 11 AOSP, without the Google Play store) can imitate nine different pens — e.g. ballpoint pen, text highlighter, pencil — with which the user can write between the text, but can also choose between 74 different notepad themes. A useful function is that the tablet can simultaneously record writing and sound, so for example the audio of a university lecture or meeting can be saved together with the notes taken there. For this, 64 GB of storage space is available, which according to Lenovo is 50,000 pages of notes. But when the tablet comes out, there will be a program that can be installed on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, through which the notes made can be synchronized.

(source: Lenovo) [+]

Of course, Smart Paper can also be used for reading e-books, the adaptive brightness and adjustable color temperature help to protect the eyes, as well as the installed book reader application. According to Lenovo, with the integrated 3550 mAh battery, you can read 7000 pages before the machine runs out of power, but only 170 pages can be used to take notes. Charging and wired connections take place via a USB-C connector.

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