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CES 2023: It changes color, but that’s not why the BMW i Vision Dee is interesting

CES 2023: It changes color, but that's not why the BMW i Vision Dee is interesting

Already last year, the color-changing BMW was one of the interesting stars of CES, this concept was further developed by the fact that the exterior of the study car called i Vision Dee can take on 32 different colors using E-Ink technology. With a solution consisting of a total of 240 segments, it is possible not only to make the car change its color, but also to display all kinds of graphics, which is undoubtedly spectacular, obviously it can also be used to make it seem as if the car is showing emotions, but this it’s mainly the part of the thing that attracts attention.


Because in the meantime the entire car is brimming with technological innovations. There is no dashboard by default, there are some touch surfaces, but all the information can be read using the HUD projected on the entire display, which can litter the space in front of us with different data, messages and information in five stages. For the time being, there is a steering wheel in the car, so BMW does not make the mistake of assuming that the production model, which will be ready in principle by 2026, will be able to drive completely by itself, but of course all available driving support systems are a given.


The soul of the car’s on-board system is Dee itself, which is the name of the voice assistant. Of course, it will not communicate in European, but rather in the official language of the USA intended for the main market. The windows can be darkened and can also act as a display from the outside, and the doors open automatically. And in the augmented reality mode set to the highest level, the world visible through the windshield is completely transformed with all kinds of tricks projected onto it, obviously this has no particular practical use, this is how BMW demonstrates how much the solution they developed is capable of.


The platform is the Neue Klasse, which will be the basis of electric BMWs from 2025. The i Vision Dee is not a large luxury car, but rather resembles the dimensions of the current three-series, while it is not an SUV or a crossover, but a car with classic divisions and proportions, which means that BMW does not give up on offering the brand’s fundamental design world . There is no information on the electric drivetrain, performance and battery pack, but like other manufacturers, BMW has figured that these will influence the purchase far less than design, handling, ergonomics and connectivity.

Even if not in this form, many solutions of i Vision Dee will appear in series BMW models, the HUD using the entire windshield will certainly be an option, and the audio assistant named Dee may replace the current iDrive system in the future. By the way, BMW mobilized serious resources in connection with the presentation of the concept, in the film shown above, not only Arnold Schwarzenegger, but also David Hasselhoff appear behind the wheel of the legendary KITT, but rather as a parody of himself.

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