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Certified email: what is it and how to send one

Certified email: what is it and how to send one
Illustration of a certified email. (photo: SecurityLive)

The way in which people communicate today is very varied. And when it comes to having the maximum guarantees in communications and protecting interests, individuals and companies choose the email certificate.

The certified email is a communication sent through email in which the shipment, the content, the attached documents and the delivery to the recipient are certified, in real time and with legal validity.

The big difference with respect to conventional email is the legal certainty it offers: certified email, forgive the redundancy, certifies the communication and, therefore, offers a level of guarantees equal to or greater than a certified notification on paper (such as certified letter or burofax).

Advantages of a certified email

In short, the probative force of a certified email is much higher than that of a simple email, since it allows irrefutable and legally valid communication to be demonstrated.

If a third party denies that an email has been sent to them, that they have not received it or that the content is not what one claims to have sent, it could be legally proven even in court. Therefore, the certified email presents 6 advantages very clear:

– Verifiable proof of shipment: delivery, content, date and time of shipment or receipt.

– Confirmation of shipment and proof of receipt at the sender’s post office.

– Savings in shipping costs and processing of physical documents.

– Improvement of processes related to customer service.

– Savings in message delivery times.

Illustration of a certified email.  (photo: Safe Creative)
Illustration of a certified email. (photo: Safe Creative)

Two ways to send certified emails

1. Evidence of certified email (Certimail Evidence)

It corresponds to a web application published in the client’s infrastructure, which allows continuous monitoring of a set of email accounts and downloading of the evidence received by a user. Certimail (certified mail).

Provides settings that return a reference code, making it easy to sort emails by code. Since it is a web application, it has a service that finds detailed information about the status of sending an email. These are some advantage:

– The PDS format is created for the certificates issued by Certimail.

– It has a test management system.

– These tests are stored.

– Several tests are visible in the user interface.

– Tests are sent over the network to other systems.

2. Mass certified email (Certimail Massive)

It corresponds to a desktop application, which has no integration with other systems, and can send en masse certified emails.

All this according to the reading of a document in format Excel with the mailing list to send. It also allows you to send attachments. also has certain advantageWhat are they:

– Mass sending of certified emails quickly and easily.

– Validity of vouchers in electronic notifications.

– Savings in sending messages.

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to send certified mail online

Although sending a certified mail is a service that is usually contracted in the post Officethe truth is that today you can do it from the comfort of your home by following these steps:

1. Access a service that offers this guarantee. TechMarkup recommends eEvidence, so you just have to look for it as is in Google.

2. Now you have to check in.

3. Once registered, enter gmail or the mail service that is normally used.

4. Once inside, all you have to do is write a message as you would normally do, but in the copy field (CC), you have to write the address of the certifying service which is used For example, if it is being done with eEvidence, the formula would be the following:

– Write the recipient’s mail; in this case it will be [email protected]

– After the “.com”, the service that is being used is placed, that is, eevid.com

– As a result, the recipient’s email would look like this: [email protected]

Certified email.  (photo: Spark/Jose Arana)
Certified email. (photo: Spark/Jose Arana)

At the time of sending the mail, this service will send a receipt saying that the mail sent has reached the recipient. If he does not receive it, this proof will not be available. The recipient also usually receives two emails, the one that has been sent to you and another from the service. In this way they ensure that you have actually received the shipment online.

On the other hand, some services will also notify you when the recipient has opened the mail, which is quite useful.

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