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Certain People: meet the new Netflix movie with Eddie Murphy

Imagem de: Certas Pessoas: conheça o novo filme da Netflix com Eddie Murphy

If you were longing to see actor Eddie Murphy back on screen, the time has come. The comedian is one of the protagonists of Certain People (You People), Netflix’s new comedy-romance movie. Directed by Kenya Barris, the work entertains by presenting unusual situations involving two completely opposite families, who do not seem to agree on everything.

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Check out the trailer for Certain people:

Written by Barris and Jonah Hill, who is also in the main cast of the work, Certain people has a simple plot and accompanies Ezra (Hill), a man who leaves loneliness behind when he gets involved with the loving Amira (Lauren London). Completely in love, the guy thinks about marrying the girl, but first they need to meet each other’s families.

The big problem is that the relatives of both are extremely different in practically all aspects. With completely different cultures and contexts, families, as well as the couple, find themselves in the midst of a conflict involving generational, social and expectations issues. It is up to Ezra and Amira, therefore, to manage the whole situation so that nothing puts their marriage at risk.

In the feature, Eddie Murphy, who was famous for participating in films such as A Heavy Duty (1984), The Nutty Professor (1996) and A Prince in New York (1988), plays the character Akbar, husband of Fatima (Nia Long), who together represent Amira’s parents. The father figure does not make it easy for Ezra and the relationship between the two generates several frictions.

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Certain People: Who’s Cast?

In addition to the aforementioned Eddie Murphy, the main cast of Certain people has Jonah Hill (the wolf of Wall Street), Lauren London, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (seinfeld), Sam Jay, Nia Long, Travis Bennett, David Duchovny (X file), Molly Gordon, Deon Cole, Andrea Savage, Elliott Gould and Mike Epps.

Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill join forces to make audiences laugh in Certain People, Netflix’s new comedy.Source: Netflix

Certain People: Is the comedy movie worth watching?

Despite the star-studded cast, certain people it hasn’t had such a warm reaction from the audience and specialized critics until now. Until the production of this article, the film had been on the air for 10 days and had low ratings on the main sites about films and series.

On IMDb, You People garnered a score of 5.6, based on 16,000 reviews. Already on Rotten Tomatoes, the blow was even harder. Only 45% of critics approved the production, while 42% of the public liked the film. That is, positivity did not even reach 50%.

The main complaint about the Netflix film on both sites is that, when trying to mix comedy, social commentary and romance, it ends up doing neither, getting a little lost in its own ideas.

Still, the feature film appears to have gained traction on the streaming platform. In Brazil, Certas Pessoa is at the top of the list of most watched films in Netflix’s weekly ranking.

Anyway, it’s important that you watch the feature and draw your own conclusions, after all, however much the film may sin in one aspect or another, it still has its merits and a great cast. Or would even that be enough to save Certain people?

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