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Cell phones with covers are back, it is the new option for a vintage fashion

Cell phones with covers are back, it is the new option for a vintage fashion
Folding cell phones are back, due to their vintage style.

At the end of the 90s, the first cell phone with a cover or flip phone was launched on the market, and during the first decade of the 2000s these phones were fashionable and an object of desire for many. About 20 years later that trend is back.

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Nostalgia has been one of the factors that has moved the markets the most in recent times, with the return of movies, video games, series and others, and there is also space for technology. As is the example of the foldable cell phoneswhich are back in fashion for their vintage essence.

The protagonists of this trend are the youth of the Generation Z, to the point of attracting the attention of the singer camila cabellowho has joined the ‘flip phone revolution’, as she calls it.

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Folding cell phones are back, due to their vintage style.
Folding cell phones are back, due to their vintage style.

vintage fashion

The origin of this return does not have a clear starting point, but many users are opting for this alternative to get away from current social networks, to remember what it was like to use this type of cell phone and the vintage tone of the photographs.

This has led to TikTok Videos of people showing how to use these phones and how to combine the vibe of their heyday with current fashions go viral.

The reason that moves many in this trend is to get away from the saturation of social networks, as the actress said. Dove Cameronwho in November of last year admitted having a mobile of this type.

In the interview, he mentioned that he had switched to a foldable phone, because spending too much time looking at social media “is really bad for me,” as he considered his presence on these platforms “misleading.”

To this is added sammy palazzoloa tiktoker who has led part of this trend and who assures that he also has a smart phone to use at home, but when he goes out he prefers the old model.

“It takes all the bad things out of college and brings all the good things out of a phone. Which is to connect with people and take photos and videos. The photos and videos of this are fire,” he told CNN.

The use of these phones, which were famous in the 2000s, has gone viral on TikTok.

She believes that more and more people are going to opt for this option because “it’s very fun and nostalgic”, becoming a way to generate conversation because of the image that these phones represent. “At parties people will say, ‘My God, is that a flip phone?’ We will be able to talk to some new people, meet some people and everyone will love it,” she said.

Access to these phones is still possible thanks to the second-hand market or because you can get them for $20 on platforms like Amazon, which for some is not a high investment to be part of the trend and take advantage of not being connected to social networks constantly.

According to Palazzolo This was a constant problem when he went out to a party, because by having that access the night always ended in trouble due to a post on social networks or a message from his ex. “The main cause was our phones.”

This fashion for cell phones with covers is similar to that of disposable cameras, which has grown in recent times and according to an analysis of Global Newsire this market is expected to grow to $1.23 billion by 2030 due to the nostalgia factor it generates in people who grew up with it.

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