WhatsApp security number has changed

Uncertainty with WhatsApp: What does “security number has changed” mean?


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WhatsApp drops support, WhatsApp wallpapers

iOS or Android, WhatsApp drops support for older smartphones; we tell you which ones


From 1er November, WhatsApp drops support of smartphones on Android or iOS considered too old. It will still be possible to ...

Pause WhatsApp Voice recordings

WhatsApp now lets you Pause Voice recordings: what’s behind it?


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Telegram wallpapers, Telegram 70M users

Telegram wins 70M new users through WhatsApp outage


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WhatsApp down, Facebook down, Instagram down

WhatsApp and Facebook down: Instagram also stops working in global outage


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WhatsApp Voice Transcription Tool

Convert WhatsApp Voice message to text with Voice Transcription Tool


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Now you can hide last seen on WhatsApp for selective users


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WhatsApp terms and conditions

Controversial WhatsApp terms and conditions: Next step discovered in beta


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WhatsApp for iPad app, WhatsApp app for iPad

WhatsApp for iPad: will there be a native iPad app soon?


As part of the multi-device system, WhatsApp could finally develop a native iPad app. It would not only be a ...