Apple Fixes Two Critical Flaws on iPhone and iPad

Apple Fixes Two Critical Flaws on iPhone and iPad


Apple last week revealed the fix of two critical flaws in the iPhone and iPad operating systems. Zero-day vulnerabilities allowed ...

iPhone with a USB-C port

Apple admits defeat and prepares an iPhone with a USB-C port


For years, the European Union has been trying, by all means, to make our lives easier by forcing the Tech ...

iPhone design 2007

iPhone: would this design have convinced you in 2007?


True Apple fans know Tony Fadell. This former executive of the Cupertino firm worked there for 7 years, and is ...

According to this study, iOS users drive worse than Android users


If you use an Android-based smartphone, you would be a better driver than those who use an iPhone. This is ...

Create a Ringtone on iPhone (Without Mac)

How to Create a Ringtone on iPhone (Without Mac)


If you are a bit interested in the subject of ringtones on iPhone , then you must definitely know that there are ...

iPhone 13 mini battery

iPhone 13 mini has better battery life than iPhone 2022


The iPhone 13 mini, like their predecessors the iPhone 12 mini, are clearly not the best sellers of the last ...

iPhone subscription

How much will the iPhone subscription cost?


For its customers, Apple already offers several services under subscription firm. For example, there is Apple Music, Apple Arcade for video ...

NIO: Tesla's competitor

NIO: Tesla’s competitor would like to compete with Apple on smartphones


If you are interested in electric vehicles, you certainly already know NIO, the Chinese brand. Tesla’s competitor may soon become an ...

iPhone 11

Apple will soon stop selling the iPhone 11


Each time Apple launches a new generation of iPhone, the firm stops marketing certain older models. For example, in 2021, after ...

iPhone 14 Pro: forget the USB-C port, Apple is betting on the “Lightning 2”


It has almost become an Arlesian: with each new iPhone, one wonders if Apple is finally going to put away ...

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