Cat bye! Lightning McQueen and Mater speed up in trailer for new Disney Plus series

Disney Plus is preparing several new features and one of them is a new spin-off series of “Cars” where Lightning McQueen and Mater will accelerate like never before in never-before-seen adventures in never-before-seen areas with new friends. The animation was announced today with a trailer showing characters, areas and new competitions where the two cars will go all out.

The trailer begins with Mater announcing he will be visiting his sister, who curiously has never been mentioned until now, for a very special occasion: her wedding. From there, new characters begin to appear, a kind of dinosaur made of metal, fields, a circus of cars, dozens of trucks and a new friend for both of them.

We also see several references such as Burning Man, where thousands of people come together to create an incredible event in the middle of the desert in the United States. The royal festival lasts 10 days and people only leave when the flames of large sculptures are extinguished at the end of the event.

The series with original shorts from Pixar created in conjunction with Disney arrives on the streaming service on September 8 and will be called “Cars on the Road”. On this same day we should also find several news, as it will be Disney Plus Day, when Disney’s upcoming premieres are announced with extra exclusive content for subscribers.

Until then, be sure to check out everything coming to major streaming platforms this week and Disney Plus this August.


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