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Casamento à Cegas Brasil: reunion gets premiere date

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Netflix revealed last Thursday (27) the premiere date of the last episode of Casamento à Cegas Brasil. The chapter that should show the reunion of the participants will air on February 1st.

Table of Contents

New this year is that the special will feature the parents of some participants who gave the talk with their opinions displayed throughout the program. Among them are Will and Flávia’s mothers and Thamara’s father.

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Another change is that the extra episode must be shown first on Netflix Brasil channels on YouTube and TikTok at 6 pm. At 19 pm, it will be made available within the streaming platform.

Amanda Souza will make a special appearance in the reunion of Casamentos à Cegas (Photo: Netflix)

The episode will feature the ten main participants of the season, who will remember the best moments of the program, in addition to a special appearance by Amanda Souza, a participant who drew attention in the booths phase.

The reunion will be presented by the couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo.

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