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Carlos Vives returns to acting with the series ‘El club de los graves’

Carlos Vives returns to acting with the series 'El club de los graves'
Carlos Vives will be the protagonist of the new Disney+ series El club de los graves. Credit: Disney

Disney+ confirmed that the Colombian, Carlos Vives, will be the protagonist of the new series ‘The bass club’. The production, which will be available from February 22, features Vives as Amaranto Molina and Julian Arango like Edward Kramer.

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Carlos Vives, remembered for his beginnings on Colombian television in the telenovela Escalona starring Samario and Florina Lemaitre, returns to acting, this time, for a production on the platform streaming Disney+.

As it became known, Vives will be in charge of giving life to Amaranto Molina, a music teacher who comes to teach at a school specialized in music education, but, in which commercial success prevails, before talent.

Carlos Vives will be the protagonist of the new Disney + series.  Credit: Disney
Carlos Vives will be the protagonist of the new Disney + series. Credit: Disney

What is the series about?

In a College, directed by Eduardo Kramer, who will be played by the renowned theater and television actor Julian Arangoremembered for roles such as Scythe in the series ‘El cartel de los sapos’, every year five students are chosen to be part of the Teen Band from high school.

These privileged students are known as “Los Agudos”, who are in charge of maintaining the commercial success of the school through their presentations and the work framed within what they sell.

On the other hand, there are “The Graves” who are those students who do not fit the market standards that guarantee commercial success. These students are relegated by the school directives and cannot aspire to belong to the prestigious band.

Vives is assigned as a teacher of “Los Graves” and after working with unconventional methods, he manages to lead this group and embark with them on a musical journey that will will transform their lives.

Through music, Vives will manage to help heal the wounds of his students, as well as inspire each one of them to express their unique talent, which will lead them to enjoy the journey while they discover the mysterious past that their teacher hides. .

The series will be available on Disney+ from February 22, 2023, and as confirmed by Disney, it was recorded in different locations in Colombia. It was also known that it is distributed in 10 chapters of 45 minutes each, which will be available from the day of launch.

The plot seeks to reach children and adolescents with messages related to the importance of teamwork, diversity, vocation and the celebration of what makes each person unique.

“In a cheerful and optimistic tone, the series addresses topics of interest to audiences of all ages, such as the transition from adolescence to adulthood, music as a way to find one’s own voice and the reunion with oneself from the reconnection with what we are passionate about” commented from Disney.

According to Disney+, “the new production is aimed at the whole family and will connect with audiences of all ages.”

Among the actors who will be part of the new series are Kevin Bury in the role of Pa-Pi-Yón; Elena Vives as Amalia; Brainer Gamboa playing Romario; María Fernanda Marín as Lala; Catalina Polo in the role of Martina; Gregorio Umaña as Raphaelo and Manuela Duque representing Roxana, among others.

Carlos Vives

He is a renowned singer, songwriter, actor and businessman. Through his work, he has become one of Colombia’s most emblematic artists and one of the most important figures in Latin music.

In his palmares, he has more than 20 million records sold worldwide, and is considered one of the pioneers of the new Colombian and Latin American sound.

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