Carlos Cuevas and Anna Moliner face love in this new film with nods to Shakespeare

Arrives in cinemas in Spain The tenderness, the new movie Vicente Villanueva which was presented in the San Sebastian International Film Festival. This funny work is the feature film version of the original comedy created by Alfredo Sanzol, director of the National Dramatic Center.

To make the leap from the stage to the big screen, Villanueva has had a top cast: Carlos Cuevas, Anna Moliner, Gonzalo de Castro, Emma Suárez, Fernando Guallar and Alexandra Jiménez. They play two families who, for fear of suffering again for love, prohibit each other from establishing contact with people of the opposite sex.

The men, a father and his two sons, fled to a desert island years ago to live without female contact. Everything goes wrong when the women, a mother and her two daughters, go to that island with the same intention of seclusion and discover that, unfortunately, his new house is already occupied by three characters with obvious masculinity.

Shakespeare’s influence on ‘Tenderness’

This is a story with Shakespearean overtones in which, in addition to love, other topics are discussed, such as freedom, raising children and what is useless in confrontations between the sexes. The tenderness, In addition, he uses a sense of humor to create surreal situations and play with romanticism and comedy.

In short, the film explores the concepts related to love and fear, and how trying not to fall in love doesn’t mean you’re actually going to successfully avoid it. Thus, through the crazy situations, it is curious to see how the two families end up escaping their rigid molds.

The cast of The tenderness He attended the entire San Sebastián Festival along with the director and members of the rest of the team. The film was presented at the Victoria Eugenia Theater and it is a Spanish-Dominican co-production that has the participation of RTVE and Movistar Plus+.

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