Carlos Bonavides faked a heart attack in a program and worried users

Carlos Bonavides faked a heart attack in a program and worried users

During a channel 6 clip, the actor faked a heart attack that worried viewers, however, the comments were divided between relief and annoyance at the joke.

The actor Carlos Bonavides recently you scared the spectators of the program SNserious of Multimedia by faking a heart attack in full live broadcast.

The actor remembered for his role as Huicho Domínguez starred in a distressing moment while participating in a dynamic of questions and answers that involved small electric shocks, known as touches. In the clip it was possible to see how the question “tell us three things to take away your fever” was asked, to which the actor provided only one answer.

Since you only gave one answer, the hosts turned on the tap machine and subsequently Carlos Bonavides he winced and He touched his chest and then collapsed on the floor.

The drivers, Enrique Mayagoita and Pedro Prietothey also pretended to be concerned about the state in which the actor was, they even asked for a paramedic to show up to help him, an immediate act, They took a short break.

Also, they tried that the focus of the camera did not capture the actor, so they covered him with the movable black piece of furniture in which the touch machine was located. Upon returning from the interruption, the cast was as normal and they clarified that it had been a little joke for the public.

The video was shared on social media channel 6 with titles: “Carlos Bonavides faints in dynamics”, “This happened to Carlos Bonavides in the middle of a live touch game” and “Carlos Bonavides suffers a heart attack”.

To which both viewers and Internet users who viewed the sketch expressed the concern they experienced for the health of the actor, who is already 84 years old, which is why public concern increased.

The explanation of the situation caused both relief and annoyance in the viewers, among the main ones that of Yodi Marcos, wife of the actor, because in a displeased tone he claimed to the cast: “I don’t really know what your show is about, but I think you should think that there are people who do not know your program. For example me, therefore obviously I freaked out”, He commented during the transmission.

In addition to the obvious concern, Internet users considered that it was not faked and that the alleged joke was only to avoid blaming the program Photo: Cuartoscuro

The concern of the general public and his wife was due to the fact that the actor was admitted to the hospital in an emergency last month.

Since the character of Huicho Dominguez, remembered for his participation in the soap opera the jackpot, He was hospitalized in an emergency on July 27 in a hospital in Mexico City.

According to his wife, the actor remained under observation after the detection of a bacterium, because because only has one kidney the situation could have been complicated.

Although Carlos’s partner did not clarify what the actor’s specific condition was, he pointed out that the artist He arrived with a picture of dehydration, however he had the necessary medical attention.

Because the actor was recently hospitalized, viewers worried about his health Photo: Getty Images
Because the actor was recently hospitalized, viewers worried about his health Photo: Getty Images

Apparently Yodi Marcos along with his son, Tadeo Bonavides, transferred the famous to the medical institution for his prompt evaluation because you began to feel unwell. Bonavides was hospitalized Star Medical, located in the Roma neighborhood.

Thanks to the pertinent medical assistance, he was able to be discharged and during a meeting with the media, The artist remarked that he was very scared and that he came to believe that his life was in danger.

However, for him the best way to die is to work until the end, since his most intimate desire is to die on stage.