Carla Simón’s next thing: finishing the ‘Verano 1993’ trilogy and a flamenco musical

This Saturday Carla Simon picked up the National Cinematography Award in it San Sebastian Festival. The director’s career is on the rise since she conquered critics and audiences in 2017 with Summer 1993consecrating himself completely with Alcarras. Last year this film won the Golden Bear in it Berlin Festivaland it was one of the main milestones of our cinematography during the career until the Goya while Simón was thinking about what to do next. According to media such as Varietyalready has a quite ambitious plan.

And Simón, together with the producer Maria Zamora, has confirmed that he has two new feature films in his hands. Zamora, representing the Valencian producer-distributor Elastica Films, has always worked with Simón, and has responded to him during the announcement. “We are eager to give shape to this fascinating proposal, which excites me as a producer,” declared Zamora shortly after the director detailed her plans: to shoot the film that concludes the trilogy started by Summer 1993and then a flamenco musical.

The latter has been what has surprised the most, of course. Of Pilgrimage Some details had already been revealed, but the idea of ​​the musical is totally new and is articulated as a neorealist story in the neighborhood of La Mina, Barcelona. As well as, of course, a complete change of register for Simón. “Since I discovered that my biological mother was a passionate about flamencoa great curiosity for this genre, for its history and for its exceptional ability to connect directly with emotion began to grow in me,” declares the director, for whom the own biography has always been the main source of inspiration.

“Music and dance will become the challenge that I consider necessary to continue growing artistically and cinematographically with each project. I find it very exciting and stimulating. recover this film genre and adapt it to the contemporary world.” Zamora defends that the film will be “classic and avant-garde”, and is aware that it is not the type of film we would expect from someone like Simón. While Pilgrimage Filming would begin in the summer of 2024, the idea is that this musical will not go into production until 2026. It would be a European co-production, with partners outside Europe as well.

Elastica will once again partner with Simón for these projects, in a year that has once again established itself as the vanguard of Spanish cinema by releasing both Matria as Creature: films that have garnered great applause in the Malaga Festival and in Cannes.

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