Home Android Carl Pei talks about the premium Nothing Phone (2).

Carl Pei talks about the premium Nothing Phone (2).

Carl Pei talks about the premium Nothing Phone (2).

The Nothing Phone (1), presented in July 2022, was not sold in the United States, but the brand’s earphones are still available in that market. According to Carl Pei, one third of the more than 600,000 earphones sold so far were ordered by customers in the USA, so the brand definitely wants to appear there with phones as well. The InverseIn an interview with , the manager of Nothing said that during the development of the Phone (2), the needs of the American market were kept in mind, and the release of the device is planned for the end of 2023. According to what Pei said, the Phone (2) will be a premium product, with a greater focus on software and a service provider presence, which is a critical point for entering the American market.

The Nothing Phone (1) from the back [+]

While the mobile market is in the biggest decline in terms of the number of new devices sold in recent years, according to Carl Pei, this is happening because people are bored with popular devices — here he singled out the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy — and innovation has died out, but it does not mention, for example, inflation or shortages in the supply chain as possible causes. Of course, Nothing would offer a solution to this boredom with its own product, as we have already heard from the OnePlus founder, but at the same time, Pei also realizes that they will have a difficult task in the iOS-dominated market.

Pei consistently doesn’t refer to the Phone (2) as a flagship, as that would make it seem like the Phone (1) wasn’t part of Nothing’s portfolio. Support for the latter device will continue, and the company is now working with more than a hundred developers on the Android-based Nothing OS user interface, he said. In addition to the American market, the Phone (2) is expected to be released globally, but we will only learn information about prices or exact information about the hardware as the release approaches.

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