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Canon would be the newest camera maker interested in cell phones

Following the example of rivals, Canon may be interested in closing a partnership with smartphone manufacturers, as indicated by the latest rumor released by the renowned leaker digital chat station. As it turns out, no deal has been struck at the moment, but it’s possible to speculate which companies could get involved with the photography giant.

Partnerships between manufacturers of dedicated cameras and smartphones are nothing new, but they have gained strength in recent years. Renowned companies such as Leica, Zeiss and Hasselblad work with Xiaomi, Vivo Mobile, Sony, OPPO and OnePlus, respectively, in degrees that range from just optimizations in the treatment of colors and filters (Hasselblad’s case) to deeper development with dedicated lenses ( Leica situation).

Despite some setbacks, agreements like these deliver very interesting results for users, and also end up being an achievement for companies, as they offer greater visibility. With that in mind, Canon, another giant of the photographic industry, would be the newest brand looking for partnerships to bring its technology to cell phones, as suggested by the rumor of digital chat station.

The leaker only indicates the brand’s interest and cites existing partnerships in the market, without providing further details of what type of technology could be offered, nor which companies could get involved with Canon, but it is possible to raise some hypotheses.

Among the main bets would be ASUS, Google, Honor, Motorola, Realme and Samsung — already involved in rumors about a partnership with Olympus —, or even Huawei, which has worked with Leica in the past and has been trying to remain relevant in the market. even with US embargoes.

At the moment, these are the most relevant manufacturers from a global point of view without camera optimization alliances, and who could have enough clout (and money) to strike a deal with Canon.

If the proposal is for a more in-depth work, as done by Leica, having one more specialist in photography in the smartphone market could reinforce the positioning of cell phones as viable options for more advanced content creation. Anyway, the information is still rumors, and it will be necessary to wait for official news (or hopefully, leaks) to know if Canon’s interest is real.

Source: Digital Chat Station (in Chinese), via Android Authority

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