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Canon may partner with Android phone brands (RUMOR)

Canon may partner with Android phone brands (RUMOR)

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According to what we learn in these hours, it seems that Canonthe well-known Japanese photography brand, is thinking of cooperating with a smartphone brand by entering a very prolific sector like its rivals have been getting their hands on for some time (think of Hasselblad, Leica, Zeiss and more).

As mentioned, Canon would therefore like to start a series of collaborations with mobile phone OEMs, so as to adapt and adapt to the modern market. All Android smartphone brands are profiting from partnerships with professional camera companies…. and viceversa. This could be a great value for a historic company like Canon, which has always been a leader in the “pro” sector of world photography and in the consumer world. We are curious to know with which brand it will enter into a strategic partnership.

Canon and mobile telephony: a rosy future

A few days ago, the president of Canon China, Hiroki Ozawa, said that the wave of collaboration between phone and camera makers is in full tide; Canon is actively working in this direction but at the moment there is still no official launch timeline. The company would like to understand all the merits and possible risks of such an agreement.

Among other things, Ozawa said that SLR (or mirrorless) cameras don’t lead to financial hardship, but rather, they bring happiness. They are expensive, but the value of these gadgets is measured in other ways; nevertheless, a photographer knows it well. The emotional attachment to a work machine far outweighs the investment made to purchase it. Small side note: the undersigned is still tied to his first Canon 5D Mark II, purchased in 2014 after having observed it for years and having even discussed it in the degree thesis phase. In short, returning to us, DSLR or mirrorless cameras are still the best means to take photos at a “pro” level and for the moment they cannot be replaced by any type of smartphone, however powerful this may be.

However, if you want a super camera, we recommend the Canon EOS RP with 24-105 lens for €1299.00 on Amazonshipping included.

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