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Cannes 2023: the Festival that will reunite Johnny Depp with his daughter Lily-Rose

Cannes 2023: the Festival that will reunite Johnny Depp with his daughter Lily-Rose

The 76 edition of the cannes film festival It is marked by several unavoidable headlines. Martin Scorsese presents the expected Killers of the Flower Moon. Victor Erice return to the address with Close the eyes. Pedro Almodovar debuts in the western with a medium-length film, strange way of lifewhich head Peter Pascal and ethan hawke. And also within the framework of the festival, long-awaited films such as Indiana Jones and the dial of fate and Elementarythe new of pixar.

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But there are two titles that stand out above all those mentioned. Because of the controversy that they bring behind their backs, and because of the unexpected connection that exists between them. It’s about the movie Jeanne-du-Barry and from the series the idol: one is called to inaugurate the Official Selection, and another will premiere a few chapters within the festival, before the next June 4 join the catalog of HBO Max. One is led by Johnny Depp and another for his daughter, lily rose depp. This, after working as a model, in her first important role for the screen.

Father and daughter were linked in the grueling coverage of the trial that the actor held against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp had sued him for defamation, and a criminal process hypervisible in the media began, which of course splashed the daughter he had with him. Vanessa Paradis. Lily-Rose, for her part, claimed to believe in the innocence of her father, but she tried as much as possible not to interfere in the trial.

Controversy on both sides

In principle there has been no disagreement between father and daughter, so it is possible that this Cannes Film Festival gives them an opportunity to spend time together… without, for the rest, the projects they present being free of controversy. First, we have the complex development of the idol: a series that revolves around a sect (inspired by the scientology) and how it is attracting new members.

The series is a creation of The Weeknd and originally had as director Amy Seimetz (The Girlfriend Experience). However, Seimetz defected when he had the 80% of footage shot: HBO Max then called sam levinsoncreator of the successful Euphoria. Levinson not only completed Seimetz’s work, he also redid it from scratch and turned the shoot into chaos, completely rewriting the series.

After Seimetz’s departure, the idol would have become a “rape fantasy” and a hive of toxicity, losing interest in critically examining the cult’s practices. rolling stones published a report pointing out these irregularities, which motivated the fury of The Weeknd and ended up consolidating the fame of the idol when it had not yet been released. Currently, and yet to reach HBO Max, she is preparing for Cannes in a cloud of morbidity with the face of Lily-Rose Depp.

His father’s thing is pretty awful too. Depp emerged victorious from his trial with Heard, staying away from the cinema for about three years until, after leaving the courts, he saw an interesting project in Jeanne-du-Barry. There I would play the king Louis XVwhose government lasted 59 years and was assaulted by numerous criticisms of corruption, in addition to scandals such as the one he starred in with Jeanne Vaubernier: an intelligent courtesan who made him recover the desire to live and whom he installed in the palace of versailles. Jeanne Vaubernier is played by Maiwenn.

Maïwenn is also the co-writer and director. The shoot was not much better than the one in the idol, with numerous discussions between Depp and Maïwenn, but at least we could expect a good reception thanks to the filmmaker’s warm idyll with Cannes. She there she had won in 2011 the Jury prize for Polisseand in 2015 it had been equally praised My lovegiving the award to Best actress of Emmanuel Bercot. With these precedents, it seemed possible to rehabilitate Depp’s image.

But then something happened. March 7th Edwy Plenel sued Maiwenn for assault. Plenel is editor-in-chief of media parthalf French aligned with the same movement MeToo whom Maïwenn has railed against in the past, and was eating in a restaurant when the headmistress came in, pulled her hair, spat at her and insulted her. The journalist has denounced him, and has thrown even more noise about Jeanne-du-Barry.

Thierry Fremaux he wanted to keep her equally as head of the Official Sectionso Depp’s reunion with his daughter is expected to be marked by many more headlines.

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