Can you get banned in Fortnite Chapter 3 for playing rooms only against bots?

The players of Fortnite who are busy working on the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass often have a hard time advancing to Level 100, as the amount of XP required is absurd. Players must complete all the daily missions and challenges that are added each week. This will help them rack up enough XP for 500 Battle Stars and unlock the entire Battle Pass.

Completing missions in sessions with “intense people” is a difficult task. This causes incomplete missions and a lot of time wasted. To overcome this problem, many players deliberately enter bot lobbies to complete all challenges. However, many wonder if this process can get you removed from the game.

While the process is legal, it is unethical to deliberately play in lower-ranking groups. It is the same as using XP glitches to progress through the Battle Pass quickly, without real problems. Epic Games have banned many players for abusing XP glitches in the Creative mode, or otherwise, in an effort to quickly reach Level 100.


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How to create a “Bot Lobby” in Fortnite

How to create a "Bot Lobby" in Fortnite

Epic Games has not yet acted on the situation of the “Lobby Bot” and, to date, there have been no reports of players get banned in Fortnite for joining these sessions. This is not to say that Epic Games will not take any action in the future if players abuse the feature. While this is just a guess, the players of Fortnite They should try to stay away from activities that might raise suspicions among developers.

In the bot rooms, players only have to eliminate rivals that appear anywhere on the island and they are extremely easy to counter. Therefore, they generally cannot improve their skill in a battle royale.


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Do you think that you can get banned in Fortnite Chapter 3 for playing rooms against bots?

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