Home Entertainment ‘Campeonex’: the sequel to ‘Campeones’ changes sports and launches its first trailer

‘Campeonex’: the sequel to ‘Campeones’ changes sports and launches its first trailer

'Campeonex': the sequel to 'Campeones' changes sports and launches its first trailer

This summer, the champions of Javier Fesser They return to theaters. Championx, the continuation of champions, It arrives ready to become one of the big blockbusters of the summer and has already released its first trailer to warm up expectations.

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In 2018, the champions original was seen by almost 3.3 million viewers and raised 19 million euros. It was also the winner of the 2019 Goya Awards, where it was crowned with the awards for best film, best new actor for Jesus Vidal and best original song for Coke Mesh.

‘Championex’: trailer

Universal has released this Wednesday the first trailer of Championx, production of Pendelton Films and Morena Films that will be in charge of distributing in theaters just as it happened with the original film.

‘Campeonex’: when is it released

The theatrical release date of championex It’s August 18. It is one of the biggest bets of Spanish cinema for the 2023 box office and in its same weekend it will have to compete against American productions such as the superhero movie Blue Beetle or the horror film The Last Voyage of the Demeter.

‘Championex’: cast

With the exception of Javier Gutierrez, championex brings together the protagonists of the first installment: Jesus Vidal (Goya for Best New Actor for his role), Gloria Ramos, Sergio Olmos, Jesús Lago Solís, José de Luna, Fran Fuentes, Alberto Nieto, Roberto Chinchilla and Stefan Lopez.

In the new film, this basketball team made up entirely of people with disabilities will face a new challenge when they mistakenly trade the world of basketball for the world of track and field with a rookie coach, played by Elisa Hipolito.

‘Championex’: synopsis

championex has been written by Fesser together with Athena Mata, who played Sonia in the first champions, and david marquis, co-author of the first installment. The official synopsis of the sequel to champions is the next:

Our team of “champions” abandons basketball to mistakenly enter the fascinating world of athletics at the hands of a rookie coach. Between the harsh demands of the new discipline and the surprising ability of the coach to attract all kinds of misfortunes and calamities, everything will end up turning upside down.

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